Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nora Ephron Didn't Listen to Goldwyn

"If you want to send a message, call Western Union."
-- MGM movie mogul Sam Goldwyn (1879-1974)

"What is the message we see in Julie & Julia? The wedding scene shows us that Republicans are inappropriate and obnoxious. The scene with Julie confronted by her boss shows that Republicans are mean-spirited and vindictive. The Joseph McCarthy inquisition scene displays Republicans as bigoted and homophobic."
-- Howard Towt, Aug. 11, 2009


  1. You expected anything different from Hollywood? In general it is de rigueur for the Hollywood set to malign those on the right.

  2. My wife dragged me to that movie. It's a relatively innocuous story about what Ephron sees as female empowerment through performing silly and unproductive tasks [like blogging and writing cookbooks]. The anti-republican bits were really offensive -- they even turned my wife off and she's a sucker for chick flick conventions. Nora Ephron is a very silly person inhabiting a terminally silly alternate social universe. Carl Bernstein was smart to get away from her when he did.

    I passed the time by marveling at the excesses of Streep's histrionics and the incredible cuteness of Amy Adams. Stanley Tucci wasn't bad, considering, but then he's a great actor.

  3. Have you seen Star Trek? It shows that Republicans are evil Romulans coming after innocent Spock.
    Have you seen Twilight? It shows Republican werewolves being racist against the good vegetarian vampires.
    Have you seen Transformers? It shows the Republican megatron trying to go to war with Optimus Prime over oil in the middle east!