Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fearlessly, Myers Jumped Reflexively Away

by Smitty

You'd think an intern might lighten the load around here at Porch Manqué central. But nooooooo... Here I am, slaving away on this week's Full Metal Jacket Reach Around, while the boss and Myers are out chasing tacos and who knows what else at the National Press Club. How much do you want to be those punks don't even bring me back any chow? Talk about getting punked.
OK, enough of this fuming: I could begin to sound a modern liberal, droning past ad nauseum levels of whining about 'fairness'. To work.

George Archibald
  • Obi's sister includes the old guy spanking in a roundup of interweb paddling.
  • The Troglopundit wondered aloud about hitting the Delete button.
Panel of Death
  • 4 Simpsons noted the death panel that didn’t exist. How about the Coordinated Health Activity Resource Organization, National (CHARON)? Really great boat logo. Put an old squid in charge. It will be perfect. In some other country than this one.
  • The Blog Prof has a thorough roundup of the Community Organizer in Chief. He seems to have missed the special new 'stimulus' vehicle purchased to help popluarize the idea.
  • The Rude News pronounces the engagement a sound defeat. Just remember: 3.5 years left. It's not over until the last zombie has been fragged by a shotgun shell.
  • The Rhetorican feels "Life-Span Committees" has a nice, positive (if Orwellian) ring to it... [Except that it admits the government owns you cradle-to-deathbed a little too openly for now.]
  • Rickety Click lives up to his "Don't Expect Me to be Nice motto:"
    So, no, the bill does not order physicians to make their patients agree to die. It simply offers to pay them to bury their patients in bullshit, including a disguised offer to allow themselves to be neglected to death, because remember: from here on out, your health care will administered with all the compassion of the IRS or the DMV. And eventually, there will be no alternative.
Now, Bob's Bar and Grill would have probably linked Slayer, "Angel of Death". The last time we trotted out something that heavy, the porch nearly collapsed. Hopefully Bob will forgive a minor wimp-out in favor of the Finnish cello quartet Apocalyptica, which certainly captures the mood in a brooding, cultured sort of way.

  • Dustbury: "One might almost call it a monologue".
  • Obi's Sister Thought the post was funny.
  • The Daley Gator makes the rather surprising assertion that there are places no man should go. We shan't ask (a) where he came from, and (b) where else he considers acceptable. It's just not our business, and we love everyone anyway. Though that Myers creep is on thin ice. WTF my tacos?
  • Sir Bob of Belvedere: "THEY CALL ME DOCTOR LOVE"
Griffin, a case study in choosing foes carefully.
Camille Paglia
  • Daryl Vocat linked us.
  • The Blog Prof was all over Hitler Moustache story, that Stacy linked at the bottom of the disgruntled lesbian story. Connecting the dots on that one is left as an exercise for the reader.
  • Obi's Sister nabbed the Leah post.
  • The Classic Liberal hat tipped us also.
  • The Lonely Conservative was experience database personality while building this post. Yet your link on the topic of Leah was noted and approved.
Blowhard Department
  • Public Secrets agreed with the blowhard diagnosis
  • Jimmie linked the Blowhard post in a Harry Reid Denunciation (HRD) that is my #2 favorite HRD outing. #1 remains, of course, Dennis Miller:

Is it a bad thing if you're such an unimpressive public figure that denouncing you acquires its own acronym?
  • Poliblogger took a moderate tone. Some seem to miss the point that the healthcare debate, while a major skirmish, is really one engagement in the broader battle to retain liberty in this country. Don't focus on tactics at the expense of strategy, ye patriots.
  • AmieriCAN-DO Attitude linked us amidst the most thorough roundup on the topic I've seen yet.
  • Jazz Shaw and I sparred briefly. I'm still curious regarding Jazz's opinion of Federalism.
  • The Independent Political Report had a play-by-play summary on the future of the Libertarians.
  • Kn@ppster chewed on it a bit more, too.
Miscellaneous shouts:

As usual, send tips and accolades to the firm of McCain and Myers. They get the food, I'm stuck with the wrappers, here in my taco hell. But if you have some links that escaped the clone bot army, send them to Smitty. Line your blog and my inbox for Rule 5 Sunday tomorrow, as well, ye scalawags.


  1. Thanks for the link! Your blog rocks. I like intelligent conservative commentary and I like a good sense of humor, and you consistently deliver both.

  2. Smitty - if you come and work for me I'll make sure you have paid lunches (time and food), four paid breaks per 8 hour shift, and 4 weeks paid vacation the first year. Annnnd - I'll get you your very own intern!!

    And I'll even throw in my own home-made tacos - heaven!

    I always look forward to your FMJRA - you do a splendid job!

  3. Just found Dr. McCain's blog postings, demonstrating that sane women the world over should try to be the type of gal that gets a man to write this about her, and not this.

  4. @Adrienne,
    Flattery is the ticket to everything. Don't. Stop. Don't stop. ;)