Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quotes of the Day

"I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it never ceases to surprise me, dear Reader, how even amongst those of us who have led a life of sobriety and responsibility, the six inch high capitalised red letters W, T and F can form so instantly in the mind, when occasion truly warrants -- ask Dan Riehl and Stacy McCain about that."
-- Rich Crowther,

"It appears to me that [Maureen] Dowd is slothful. Evidence of this is her willingness to plagiarize the work of others and to take, at face value, the wildly untrue blathering of the 'mavericky Alaskan.' Ms. Dowd, your credentials have no value at this point and were I a member of the Pulitzer award committee I would rescind your award and remove your name from the rolls. Permanently."
-- Carol, No Sheeples Here

"As it turns out, the story Dowd should be reporting is that Gryphen's scoop was nothing more than a lie, made large by the media who don't check facts or sources, and love to spread lies and smut about Palin."
-- Rose, The Coffee Shop

"The Jesse Griffin story is advancing as I type. If Griffin doesn't yet know that, he soon will."
-- Dan Riehl, Riehl World View


  1. Let me just say how much I appreciate your work!

  2. #1 When they said Dan was a bulldog, I had no idea how accurate that was. He will. not. stop. Exciting and terrifying.

    #2 You, Stacy, are a titan of a journalist. Keep up the great work, brother. As soon as I can afford food myself, I'll see about buying you a box or two of Klondikes for the whippersnapper. :)

  3. Jesse Griffin will soon be elevated to victim, and ultimately martyr, status, kind of like Levi Johnston.

    I remember seeing about 2 seconds of an interview between Ann Curry and Levi a few weeks ago.

    Leave it to NBC to try to try to make a teenage ne'er-do-well newsworthy on morning prime time.

    Come to think of it, interviewing Levi is precisely the level of gravitas that I see for Ann Curry and for the Today Show.

    If I had watched the interview for a few more minutes, I probably would have seen Dr. Phil trot out to inform us as to the trauma that Levi has experienced from his relationship with Sarah and the First Dude, who needs to do exactly what Pat Buchanan advised him to do with respect to Levi.