Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unlike Ross Douthat, Ann Coulter is
not a stuck-up Harvard douchebag

Last night, Myers The Blog Intern found an interesting clip of an Ann Coulter appearance on the Glenn Beck show in March, when she described George Soros as a "Nazi collaborator."

Some liberal commenter (who may or may not be just another Media Matters hack) complained about Miss Coulter's characterization of Soros. And indeed, it is a serious accusation, since being a "Nazi collaborator" would make Soros worse than Neville Chamberlain and as bad as postmodern philosopher Martin Heidegger, although certainly no worse than France.

The liberal commenter seemed to feel that I was obliged to pass judgment on the accuracy of Miss Coulter's assessment, prompting my reply:
I think that if you have a problem with Miss Coulter's description of the wartime adventures of George Soros, you should take that up with Miss Coulter.
Far be it from me to assume that she is unable to defend her own prose. However, if my assistance were required, I would certainly provide it. I would similarly assist Rush Limbaugh, Mark Steyn, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin or any other conservative who (a) doesn't apologize for being conservative, (b) is willing to "put skin in the game" in the fight against liberalism, and (c) isn't all stuck-up like they're better than everybody else.

This explains why I've got no use for douchebag snobs like Ross Douthat and other members of that elite crowd, The Republicans Who Really Matter. A very simple test: If you think you're better than those Pennsylvanians who stood in line on a cold windy evening for a chance to see Sarah Palin, you're a douchebag.

Ann Coulter is not like that. Say what you will about her, she doesn't mind talking to Ordinary Americans:

Seated on the patio of a D.C. restaurant (note the margarita in the foreground) Ann Coulter has a conversation with an enthusiastic Obama supporter. At left is Jeff Carneal, president of Eagle Publishing, who is probably not quite so enthusiastic about Obama.

Ann Coulter poses with Alyssa Cordova of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

Ann Coulter poses with Evan Gassman and Evan's girlfriend. Evan gave me a business card, so I remembered his name. His girlfriend didn't have a business card, but she was sweet.

Ann Coulter poses with investigative journalist Matthew Vadum (right) and some blogger dude who can't even remember the name of Evan Gassman's sweet girlfriend.

So you see the difference between Ann Coulter and a certain Harvard douchebag who expects everybody to be impressed by his SAT score and skinny-dipping with Bill Buckley.

Also, Ann Coulter links my blog, unlike a douchbag.


  1. Amen, Stacy. I've been dealing with those kind of douchebags most of my adult life. Bugger the lot of them.

  2. There is also the small problem of Soros having been a Nazi collaborator during WW2. Now it's highly possible that he collaborated with them only to save his own skin, who knows now? Thing is, he did collabotate. I suspect the Republicans Who Really Matter would do the same.

  3. In the short time I've been reading your blog, it appears the thing that most preoccupies your mind and determines your judgement is whether people link to you. That is certainly not Hayekian, and it's *anti* intellectual.

  4. Here's the partial transcript of an interview Soros did, in which he talked about his experience with the Nazis.

    He was 14, and he did it to save his skin, but note the tone of his comments, expressed in maturity. Still pretty chilling.

  5. Mostly regarding the last picture (you with Ann)...
    1. Is she tall, or are you short, or is she standing on a stack of books?
    2. How did a mug like yours end up with a babe like Mrs. Other McCain.
    3. Please go tear my friend Rick Moran a new ass for his dissing Governor Palin. Smitty gave him a couple of boby blows, but you need to deliver the coup de grace.

  6. Peter, I actually saw an interview with the douchebag Soros, where he admitted the collaboration with the Nazis. And yes, he said that he did do it to save his life.

  7. Lionheart beat me to all the good questions. Very cool pics.

  8. Yo asshat, have you heard the latest from old Levi Johnston ?

    It pretty much confirms what Griffin was saying.

    Who's the doucebag now, doucebag ?

  9. I bet you won't print this but you were scooped.
    By Gryphen.
    Levi believes the Palins have had marital problems from day one and that was one of the reasons behind her Quitting. Can't say it word for word b/c your blog doen't allow cut and paste.

  10. LOL. Someone here thinks Levi Johnston, he who squired Kathy Griffin to the Teen Choice Awards, has ANY credibility?

    Oh, laughing too hard to type...

  11. LIONHEART WROTE: "How did a mug like yours end up with a babe like Mrs. Other McCain."

    Uh, have you seen the notorious Speedo? Ugly doesn't matter, once the lights are off.

  12. Paul Zummo: I guess it must be a sober-looking bag (maybe like the ones our grandmothers used to carry to church).

  13. If spelled properly you would be able to search online for it. Proper spelling is douche. And it is "a jet or current of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygienic purposes." Thus a DOUCHEBAG is a bag that holds the water and when pressure is applied to the bag, the water becomes said jet or current of water, etc.

    In the context above it is an insult and it would be nice if, when insulting someone, you spell the words correctly least you look like an idiot.

  14. RS McCain wrote "Ugly doesn't matter, once the lights are off".

    Touche', my friend.

  15. Annie looks 29 years old! She acts and thinks youthful too, unlike douchebags who sit atop their restricted, exclusive country clubs and wag their fingers at us common folk. Besides, Cornell [real ivy league, not Olberman league] is an all around better institution of learning and free exchange of ideas than Harvard, the mass producer of socialist clones.

    Atta Girl, Annie!

  16. ummmm...hey Anonymous, I think Paul was pointing out your original assault on the spelling of the word from your 9:46 posting. Not sure what an Asshat is, but I certainly know what an Ass is...

  17. "it would be nice if, when insulting someone, you spell the words correctly LEAST you look like an idiot."

    Yes, yes it would.

  18. Or "touce", as some folks would say.

  19. heh heh.. somebody quoted Levi Johnston. With the intention of using his words to make a real, serious point about something relevant. Not just for giggles.

    That made my day.

  20. I love the way it screws up poor liberals minds anytime lovely Ann is brought up about anything.

  21. I love Ann Coulter - she is totally awesome and can hold her own better than any conservative out there

  22. "you spell the words correctly least you look like an idiot."

    When criticizing someone else's spelling it helps to use correct grammar and spelling, um, _ 'lest _ you look like an idiot... douchebag

  23. Miss Coulter would probably be the first to say that every American is an "ordinary American", and that "American Citizen" is as proud an identity as there can be.

    Some of them do extraordinary things, and some of us have come from extraordinarily fortunate backgrounds. But Cincinnatus and Washington SHOULD still be your ideals. If they aren't, you need some rehab.

    It's available live, 24/7/365 at many locations like this one, or internationally if your level of sophistication has forced you to leave the U. S. Even on line, right now!

  24. Whoever said you can't cut and paste here is lying. I cut and paste this from anncoulter.com :
    So as I understand it, by nominating a black man for president,

  25. Anonymous - why does the phrase "the bravery of being out of range" come to mind ?

    In addition to phaile spelling, you can't even come up with a good "McChimpyBurton" nick so we can following your adventures in trolling throughout the 'sphere ?

    We cite Cincinnatus - you cite Levi. Game. Set. Match.

  26. Anonymous (Tue Aug 11, 02:49:00 PM), an "asshat" is someone who has their head up their ass so far it looks like they are using their butt as a hat. For example, much of Hollywood; most especially Woody Harrelson, the noted "biologist" (of Alar fame) Meryl Streep and Janeane Garofalo. HTH