Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carrie Prejean bikini pics


The politics of coercive approval means that to disagree with the policy of same-sex marriage is to disapprove of homosexuality, which is impermissible. As with other "progressive" causes, the object of the gay rights agenda is not merely a matter of policy. Rather, it aims ultimately at thought-control, to forbid dissent.
By speaking out against same-sex marriage, Miss California USA Carrie Prejean may have lost the Miss USA crown, and now she's the target of "progressive" death threats, as Donald Douglas points out:

You just can't hold an opinion contrary to the secular progressive hordes in this country: They want her DEAD! They want her family DEAD! They want her house burned to the GROUND! They wanna go there in the middle of the night and PISS ON HER ASHES!
Ah, the sweet voices of multicultural tolerance! They want to mount an inquisition because the CIA plays rough with Abu and Khalid, but let someone dare to criticize their agenda, and we see what they're really all about: You have a right to our opinion!

Maybe they just hate her because she's beautiful?

A closer examination of that photo causes me to wonder if Carrie's got implants:

You notice that (a) she's extraordinarily lean, and (b) her breasts have that unnatural globular quality that is the telltale hallmark of fakies.

At least they're a semi-credible B-cup rather than those ginormous porn-star fakies. But I'm still anti-fakie. Whether they're AAs or DDs, ladies, stick with what the good lord gave ya. To do otherwise is as unnatural as . . . uh, same-sex marriage.

UPDATE: Not only am I now the top Google result for "Carrie Prejean bikini," but I'm also the No. 6 result for "Carrie+Prejean+naked." Remember, hits is hits. And since I'm not quite making that $75K/year for 100K visits/month, I'll gladly take the traffic.

UPDATE II: Welcome Townhall readers! Hope you share my traditional-values opposition to breast implants. "Traditional" and "natural" go together. If a girl's naturally skinny, that's OK. And if a girl's got a little more to love . . . well, nothing wrong with that, either. But keep it natural.

UPDATE III: Speaking of naked, check out the naked bias of Miss USA pageant director Shanna Moakler:

But she lost the crown because she wasn't able to convey compassion for ALL the people that as MISS USA she would be representing. and if YOU like it or not, gays and lesbians make up this country as well. THIS is why we have judges so they can find the RIGHT woman who obtains these qualities. they are crucial in my eyes when holding a honor and title as big as being Miss USA. The panel of judges was qualified and did their job, they represented all of us, men, woman, black, white, gay and straight.

OK, to start with, Ms. Moakler, you're blogging on MySpace, OK? But I skip past that, as well as overlooking your UNUSUAL choices of ALLCAPS. What you can't seem to comprehend, Ms. Moakler is how evil it is to make someone's position on a controversial public policy question a measure of their "compassion."

You are evil, Ms. Moakler. Perez Hilton is evil and so are any of the Miss USA judges who share your evil mentality that equates opposition to the politicized gay-rights agenda with a lack of "compassion." How about you arrogant elitists read an actual book once in a while and try to understand why politics as an exercise in moral narcissism -- The Vision of the Anointed, as Thomas Sowell dubbed it -- is so heinously evil.

UPDATE IV: Carrie Prejean: Hateful Oppressor?


(April 25) I am not going to name the distinguished conservative academic who e-mailed me a link to a site titled, "CARRIE PREJEAN NAKED." However, I do want to serve notice that anyone who thinks they can out-pander me has got another think coming. When it comes to random-Google keywords, nobody out-panders the Rule 5 King.

I'm No. 1 on "Carrie Prejean bikini," and if somebody's aced me out on "Carrie Prejean nude," or "Carrie Prejean naked," or "Carrie Prejean upskirt," I'm not going to give in without a fight.

BTW, the photo above is meant to illustrate my earlier argument (I'm currently the No. 4 Google return on "Carrie Prejean fake boobs") that Miss California USA is implant-enhanced. One of the commenters has referred to the clearly evident "refund gap" between Miss Prejean's suspiciously globular breasts.

Having done extensive hands-on field research from 1973-1988, I'm an authority on varieties of female pectoral configuration. Miss Prejean's chest is a phenomenon not found in nature. There is no purely biological possibility of a girl that skinny having breasts that large, perfectly spherical in shape, and separated by several inches of flat sternum. Trust an expert: Those boobs are as unnatural as "Adam and Steve."


  1. Stacy, you have a right to my opinion about implants, which is "are you out of your mind"? Bigger the better (that's what she said).

  2. I'm glad she said what she said although here's the reality of the situation: It's a BEAUTY CONTEST. No one is going to solve world hunger or inherit fabulousness and wake up debt free with pearly white teeth and a thick head of hair because of who wins this dog and pony show.

    I'm glad she gave an honest opinion and if that little gay troll didn't want her opinion than that loaded question shouldn't have been asked in the first place.

    Pee Es: They're fakeys.

  3. They are fake and not very good. At they call that a "refund gap."

    That is hardly the point here however. I recently posted on the "libertarian slippery slope" using gay rights as an example. And gay fascist Perez Hilton is so kind to provide me an illustration a few days later.

    The unfortunate Ms. Prejean enunciated the libertarian position, not terribly articulately, but she probably didn't expect the question and was rattled. Her answer would have been considered quite acceptable to homosexuals ten years ago, but as they have achieved gay marriage in some states, they now need to move on to the next step, gay marriage in all states, and the libertarian/federalist position is no longer acceptable.

  4. Freedom loving people everywhere should note that the Secular Progressives will take no prisoners, and have no tolerance of any view point that does not Parrot their own. These Leftist soldiers will use any means necessary to achieve their ends. And just like all leftist, they will eventually cull their own, since after a Revolution, who needs Revolutionaries?

    BTW Stacy, you are lying if you would cull Miss Prejean, store boughts, or not!

    Hell, if I were 18 again, I'd roll on a mile of broken glass NAKED for her favors.

  5. Cookie, I'm guessing you'd be crawling through the glass today if you thought you had half a chance.

    As to the "cull" question: It was the famous American poet Mickey Gilley who observed that the girls all get prettier at closing time, and I was not notoriously picky back in the day.

    Yet I reckon back in the day, if Miss Prejean had shown up at 9, give her time for two drinks and some dancing, and she'd be gone with me by 10:30, or 11 at the latest.

  6. I don't get it. Where do people say the "want her dead" ?

  7. "Remember, hits is hits."

    You're hilarious! But all you guys are snagging my hottie for the weekend Reach-Around! Oh well, it'll be a Prejean-apalooza!

  8. Who cares if she has implants? If they are fake, then they are as fake as the concerns of most of the other pageant contestants.

    Speaking of pageants, don't believe I ever heard of this one before Perez laid his stinkbomb. Not as if it's something big like, say... the Miss America contest. Plus, it's the brainchild of Donald Trump. Which makes the entire thing fake.

    As for those of you who complain this made-up controversy is the work of secular progressives, just keep in mind that many secular progressives are not exactly enamored of the uber-homo's, aka Hilton, who go around trying to bully everyone into seeing things only his way. Dude, that queen needs a new haircut!

  9. Dude, Perez does need a new hair do. And wasn't america about free speech? She should be free to support gay marriage and free to support straight marriage if that is what she believes. They asked for HER OPINION and she gave it so why is Perez throwing a hissie fit? Perez actually said there is not difference between a man and a woman when he debated Dennis on Larry King Live. Dennis asked him if there was no difference then why does it matter how we define marriage - OKAY!

    That is why we can't take Perez and his crew seriously. No difference between men and women - paleasze! even a queen should know that after trying hard to be 'womanly'

  10. First off Perez Hilton should have Never been a Judge. Gay's are not competent to make rational decisions. In my opinion he and all other Gay’s are fescennine. I would ban known Gay’s from any position of authority and personally will Never hire a homosexual in my business. She was very professional and correct in her answer. Biblically Homosexual’s are sinning against God and he condemns the activity. My response would have been that Gay's or Lesbian’s are very Sick people and should be prosecuted for crimes against nature. It is unnatural and indicates a chemically unbalanced condition and is Sick. They need to be put back in the Closet and banned by society at all levels.

  11. Big laugh for the morality lecture from Shana Moakler, 12/2001 Playmate of the Month who keeps marrying and divorcing the father of her kids.

  12. Someone should point out that without the implants prejean would look like a pre-pubescent boy with big hair. Now that may be what flies as attractive in some parts of the world but not where I am from damn it.

  13. Bumped up for today and the urgency was her breasts?


    I'm in the mindset that they might be real.. who knows how much sticky tape is underneath the bikini top to give them that push and a shove just so.

    And I'm defending her because she will be my future ex-wife..

    Oh yes.

    She will be..

    (I am soooo glad my current wife doesn't read this)

  14. When do we get to falsely accuse you of making death threats? Before or after the bikini pics?


  15. Those are what're known as "Dan Rather Breasts".

    You know, "Fake, but accurate."


    Perez says they are fake, too.

  17. The most unique feature of the Rogue Wallet is its contoured shape.  This patent-pending shape is designed to sit comfortably in your front pocket because someone finally realized that most pockets aren’t rectangular shaped!  Given this fact, this is indeed a front pocket wallet and would look funny when used in a back pocket.  You shouldn’t put your wallet in your back pocket anyway due to health concerns and pickpockets.

  18. I dunno, RSM. One of the most beautiful women in the world is taking abuse from gayist thugs, and your response is to bring up her fake boobs?

    Howsabout some of that Southern gentleman chivalry? If this situation doesn't bring it out what will?

  19. Now days, it's rare to find real ones on movies stars, or photo models. Women go to extremes to look beautiful. Lets face it, its not to please other women. Personally, I'll take normal looking melons over fried eggs any day. However, whats under the skin is the most important thing. It can't be tranplant or faked. Trump's an rich, self serving idiot.

  20. I wonder how many other gals in the pagent, had a little padding added. Inside their cloths or inside their skin. Carrie wasn't Pam Anderson big. A little less cleavage gap would have been more attractive, but thats my own opinion.

  21. OF COURSE they're fake. How is this a question? I like boobs, I have them! But I HATE people who hate gays. This chick is a nasty tramp with ugly insides. Boo to her!