Friday, April 24, 2009

'He's done an Andrew Sullivan'

by Smitty

Apparently things are going well, because the concerns over domestic policy and the international situation are so slight that there is time for 'friendly' fire incidents.
Donald Douglas and I are about equally disconnected from all of this, but he still provides an excellent play-by-play including this summary:
I'm not out to ruffle feathers, and not Charles Johnson's by any means. But sometimes you have to take a stand: I think Michael's wrong on this one: Little Green Footballs gives aid and comfort to the enemies of conservatism, or as The Educated Shoprat notes at this post, "He's done an Andrew Sullivan. No other way to put it."


  1. I've sworn off Footballs for a while. I used to hit the site several times a day. This is why:

    1)I'm a Catholic. I'm sick of the constant drumbeat for Darwinism and the evolution crowd. I have no problem with evolution. But I also believe God could create a fullly functioning universe in a moment. See Diary of Sister Faustina (her alleged conversations with Jesus).

    2) I wish he'd take the high road and sit down for a 'peace treaty' with the writer(s) of Jihad Watch, et al. Instead of fighting with them. Could they do the same? Certainly.

    3) Mostly because of the evolution stuff - I think the site is great overall when he covers Conservatism. But the site seems to be lopsided towards pro-evolutionary discussion at times. Frankly, I'm tired of it.

  2. LGF has gone from THE site for information on radical Islam to an anti-creationist site. That's fine if that's what Charles wants to do but it doesn't mean much to me. Conservatives aren't ever going to gain traction if they continue on the moral Crusade. In that, I agree with Charles. Let's fight for smaller government, balanced budgets and strong defense. Leave the moral battles to the churches.

  3. I think the focus on this is pretty much overcooked, now.

    People need to get organized around finding new candidates to run in 2010. This time someone should make sure the candidates offered up aren't the kind of folks that trip over their own tongues.