Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Pro-Environment

by Smitty

...but not as heavy-duty as some. Dr. Sanity posts a great graphic:

The rest of the post is worth your time. However the good doctor missed this one from the Political Castaway, which really turns the oogedy-boogedy up to 11:

Zowies! That video was from a Conservatism Today roundup.
I was born in Western Oregon. I loves me some forest. But not with such Druidic fervor, I fear.


  1. Gud Gawd! Tree huggers at their supreme best.

  2. "Druidic fervor"? Smitty, you mean you never got naked, painted yourself blue, and sacrificed virgins at the vernal equinox?

    Man, some kind of environmentalist you are . . .