Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4th of July Tea Party? Make plans now!

Given the rousing success of the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party, activists are already starting to make plans for another wave of Tea Parties on July 4.

Stephen Gordon and I have discussed the possibility of coordinating an Alabama event with my traditional Fourth of July fireworks spectacular at Camp FUBAR on Lake Weiss. Here's video of last year's show:

If y'all want to have a big shindig out by the lake, the more the merrier, but start hitting the tip jar now, so I can afford to buy a big supply of fireworks wholesale soon. Ask anyone who was there last year, it's an incredible show. And if we get enough contributions, I might be able to make it as big as my legendary 2005 finale:


  1. With summer almost upon us, right-minded mothers should consider having their offspring host (iced) tea stands instead of lemonade ones with all sorts of nifty tea party signage.

    Imagine seeing those on street corners all across the land -every day. Something tells me Team Obama, the Dems and Anderson Cooper would not like it. At all.

    Never forget it was the collected pennies of patriotic school children that saved the U.S.S. Constitution.

    Mrs. P

  2. The 4th of July for the next tea party feels right historically, but thats a day/weekend when many families have plans. What about the 14th of June...Flag Day? A sunday...many more people would be free to attend. Any thoughts on that one?

  3. @Anonymous:
    Flag Day?
    More is better!
    Party like you future depends on it.

  4. Stacy, are you a lefty? I saw the picture of you putting together the fireworks for 2005, and noticed you had your watch on your right wrist (as I do, a fellow lefty). I keep track of stuff like that, for some odd reason.

  5. My folks live up north of Gunnersville(sp?). If you decide to have a get-together there I'm sure I could gather them up and come on down.

    Did you say their would be punch and pie?

  6. Ohio is nice in July! (hint hint)

  7. With all due respect, people need to take and hour (or two) out of their 4th of July activities to be THANKFUL for the FREEDOM they enjoy (including that picnic later) !!

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