Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Possibly Better Than The Jello Wrestling

by Smitty
In the South corner (geographically), we have The Clever S. Logan, who thinks that the recession may portend a much needed Come To Beavis meeting for the corporate 'we':
The kind of economic difficulty that America needs to purge the "spoiled brat" mentality and return to the days of moral and cultural integrity that Tito remembers and I (sadly) do not is one more severe than we are currently having. It cannot be the kind in which people whine about having less money to spend on dinners and movies out. It must be the kind that forces neighbors to band together to meet their bare necessities.

And, in the North corner, we have HotMes, taking just a little bit of umbrage at the spoiled brat call:
I was drawn into conservatism because I got sick of it all. I got sick of the fact that I was working my butt off while the government was taking my money (through taxation) to support those who weren’t willing to sacrifice. They weren’t even willing to work. Don’t forget, I was poor. I have seen abuses of welfare. I was the friend of kids whose mothers were on welfare and used their checks to buy drugs.

We can all have a laugh, but I'm going to come down on Monique's side in the argument. While it may be possible to show substantially that modern Americans are indeed a bunch of crybabies, sweeping generalizations about anything other than brooms remain fraught with peril.

Thus, the question of whether person "A" is a dirtbag and person "B" is not is really bearish. We need to get to know them on an individual basis, and offer the solid encouragement required to get them to judge themselves and decide to avoid dirtbag-hood. My name is Chris, and I approve of this message. However, the real judge here is Cynthia Yockey, so we'll have to await her final take on the matter.

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