Monday, April 20, 2009

Rumors too good to deny

For the record, I can neither confirm nor deny the following Internet rumors: None of these rumors can be accepted as factual, but neither can they be dismissed as pure speculation.

UPDATE: Thanks to Ed Driscoll, I will now deny having anything to do with the notorious "Pickle Surprise" video. However, I can confirm that Melissa Clouthier is doing Twitter matchmaking between Allahpundit and Meghan McCain. Oh, and Andy Levy of "Red Eye" is playing Allah's wingman. I think they're about to perform a Twitter duet of "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling."


  1. Since you came out as a neo-Confederate lesbian, Lindsay Lohan has been asking for your phone number. And she's waving a Confederate flag.

    You're in trouble now, boy.

  2. When I was an undergrad the Sig Nu guys must have had much more class than they do today. They would not have let her near their house - let alone in it!
    This must be the *CHANGE* we were promised.

    Rod Stanton
    Cerritos, Cal

    If this is a repeate I am sorry. It looked to me like my last try was a fail like the other McCain:)

  3. Unfortunately, Meghan McCain is Andy Levy's midlife crisis.