Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go, Freeburg!

by Smitty

In reply to The Migraine McCain:
Whatever your vision on the same-sex-marriage issue — if you are not insane, you are at least open to, and would hopefully recognize, the solution is the recognition of the sovereign authority of the states. Yeah, states-rights. De-stigmatize that, cherish that, embrace that, learn to love it. It’s not a white-supremacist’s battle cry, it is the heritage of our nation.
Concise, eloquent, Freeburg. Plus some Rule 5 action.


  1. I am afraid that "states' rights" will not settle the issue. The U.S. Constitution forces each state to give Full Faith and Credit to the marriages and divorces of sister states. That's why even though Virginia requires a person to be separate and apart for 6 months before they can get a no-fault divorce, the same couple can establish residence in Nevada and get one over-night (I'm exaggerating, I think). And Virginia will have to recognize the divorce as legal. I believe the same result will occur if one state legalizes gay marriage and others do not.

  2. @John Doe:
    What if the Fed got out of the marriage business, and all the accompanying crap, e.g. income tax?