Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Three Dimensional Loser Award

by Smitty

Pure ad hominem isn't terribly useful. Even when out hunting RINOs, Stacy manages to slip in some didactic value. Ben Shapiro's Big Hollywood flogging of Sean Penn is the exception that proves the rule.
Here's a sample:
His latest expression of genius bemoans criticism of President Obama - which is not particularly shocking, considering that Penn has had his nose so far up Obama’s posterior for the past few months that there’s a good argument to be made that he’s personally convincing Obama of the need to rethink his position on gay marriage.
“Once again the simple-minded media and its pundits are confused about the nature of Americanism and language,” states the ever-incisive Mr. Penn. “When President Obama today inferred consideration of holding former administration officials accountable to law, he was immediately accused of violating his belief that we should ‘look forward,’” writes Penn, frantically and mistakenly thumbing through an unused thesaurus. It’s “implied,” not “inferred,” Sean.
But back to the idiocy.
The Three Dimensional Loser Award is reserved for those who suck pondwater, no matter the vantage from which you look at them. Sure, we can make a theological case that Penn is a human being, and just as deserving of mercy as anyone else. Check. I'd happily spend some time with Penn and make an effort to make a clue stick to him. On principle, if for no other reason. But his track record goes nowhere useful, and I've got a pizza that says 95+% of the readers of this blog wish that Spicoli would ponder public silence for a very, very long time.


  1. Apple/Tree.

    Penn's old man was a Commie, just like Barack's semi-demi Uncle Frank Marshall in Hawaii.


    the amazing range of Sean Penn..

    well, maybe not.. They all seem some sort of variations of the same character..

  3. Obama shall rise above your petty criticism, just as soon as he resolves another Inherited Problem...

    As for Penn, the Red Cup Admiral has made pretty good innings portraying faux-populist political hustlers like Huey Long and Harvey Milk. No reason he shouldn't worship the same thing thing in the 'real' world...