Saturday, April 25, 2009

Atomization, anarchy and abortion

"If the promotion of the self is understood in terms of absolute autonomy, people inevitably reach the point of rejecting one another. Everyone else is considered an enemy from whom one has to defend oneself. Thus society becomes a mass of individuals placed side by side, but without any mutual bonds. . . . In this way, any reference to common values and to a truth absolutely binding on everyone is lost, and social life ventures on to the shifting sands of complete relativism. At that point, everything is negotiable, everything is open to bargaining: even the first of the fundamental rights, the right to life."


  1. Note the atheism running through that thought.

  2. "And what's a bath full of blood
    compared to the bloodbaths still to come
    Once we thought a few hundred corpses would be enough
    then we saw thousands were still too few
    and today we can't even count all the dead
    Everywhere you look

    There they are
    Behind the walls
    Up on the rooftops
    Down in the cellars
    They wear the people's cap on their heads
    but their underwear's embroidered with crowns
    and if so much as a shop gets looted
    they squeal
    Beggers villians gutter rats

    Simonne Simonne
    my head's on fire
    I can't breathe
    There is a rioting mob inside me
    I am the Revolution"
    They always think everyone else "has it coming".

  3. Quote from the play Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss.

  4. As to "Jacobins," see this:

    ...particularly #7, which you will enjoy, I think...