Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ann Coulter's mom, R.I.P.

Very touching:
After reading the eulogy column I wrote for Father last year -- not to excess, probably only about 4,637 times -- Mother realized to her chagrin that she wouldn't be able to read the eulogy column I'd be writing for her, and started hinting that maybe I could rustle up a draft so she could take a peek.
But I couldn't do it, until I had to.
The only thing Mother wanted to be sure my brothers and I included in her remembrances were her contributions to the Republican Party, the New Canaan Republican Town Committee and the Daughters of the American Revolution.
She was a direct descendant of at least a dozen patriots who served the cause of the American Revolution and traced her lineage on both sides of her family to Puritan nonconformists who came to America in 1633 seeking religious freedom on a ship led by Pastor Thomas Hooker. Or, as Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano would call them, "A dangerous right-wing extremist hate group."
If the joke seems out of place, it's not. Ann's mother was a proud Republican. Also, it's not a joke.

BTW, Ann Coulter's mom was from Kentucky, so therefore Ann's a Southern girl despite having been raised in Connecticut. Read the whole thing.


  1. Why is it that Coulter's best writing seems to appear in memorials? I have in mind her pieces on Ron Silver, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Barbara Olson. Serious question --snark neither intended nor sought.

  2. It was a great piece of writing. My condolences to her and her family.