Tuesday, May 5, 2009


UPDATE TUESDAY 5/12, 10:50 a.m.: TMZ has new topless photos of Carrie Prejean and this time, her back is not turned.

William Teach at Pirate's Cove arrives late to the scandal, but endeavors to Google-bomb his way to the top of the blogospheric heap. Never trust a pirate when there is booty to be plundered.

PREVIOUSLY: When I got up this morning, I discovered I had gotten 500 hits in the 8 a.m. hour, and thought I'd been Instalanched or Malkinlanched or something. Instead, I discovered there was a sudden spurt of Googling for nude photos of Carrie Prejean.

The persistent surge finally caused me to check the celebrity blog aggregator We Smirch. Duh. The headlines:
Will update as details become available. Right now the servers are melting down at some of those sites.

UPDATE: Carrie Prejean tells MSNBC:
"I am a Christian, and I am a model," Prejean said in a statement released overnight to the media. "Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos. Recently, photos taken of me as a teenager have been released surreptitiously to a tabloid Web site that openly mocks me for my Christian faith. I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be."
Me neither, Carrie. "Swimwear photos." Heh.

UPDATE II: If Carrie Prejean had been seeking a more appropriate way to help celebrate National Offend A Feminist Week, she could hardly have picked a better method than to remind God-haters that Christian belief begins with the confession of sin, recognizing the powerlessness of man to save himself by his own merit.
As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one. . . . Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God. Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin. . . . For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
--Romans 3:10-23 (KJV)
Like they say, read the whole thing. And take my word for it: There are no accidents. "Inconsistencies," yes. Accidents, no.

UPDATE III: Thanks to the commenter who informs us that this is the photo, which:
  • A. Looks like she's older than a teenager;
  • B. Seems to have been taken after she got the implants; and
  • C. Is not a professional modeling photo.
OK, so if this is it: Who took the photo, when, where and why? I remind you that I am a professional journalist, and this kind of basic "5 Ws and an H" stuff is what it's all about. I'm Joe Friday: "Just the facts, ma'am." If Miss Prejean would care to answer the questions directly, my e-mail address is not a secret.

UPDATE IV: Lots of comments about double standards and the Left's politically motivated intolerance. As if we needed any further example, note how Time magazine plays Elizabeth Edwards big show of "surviving" her husband's philandering.

When a liberal hero screws around, anyone who dares to be "judgmental" is condemned as heartless, but let it be revealed that a conservative is less than perfect and you see how the game works. Somebody ought to write a book.

And, in case you were wondering, Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

UPDATE V: Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage:
Because Carrie honestly said what she believed in answer to a question -- marriage is the union of a man and a woman -- she is now the subject of ongoing character assassination. The level of hatred directed at her is astonishing. Even more astonishing is her personal courage and strength of character in the midst of these attacks. Of course Carrie is not perfect. On a personal note, as a former unwed mother, I want to say to Americans: you don't have to be a perfect person to have the right to stand up for marriage. Nothing gay marriage advocates can do can change the fact-we all saw it on national TV-that Carrie is a young woman who surrendered all the glitter Hollywood has to offer, because she would not become the kind of person afraid to say the truth.
Shadrach, Mishach and Abednego could relate.

UPDATE VI: Just as soon as Donald Douglas noted the suspicious lack of reaction at Memeorandum, it's there. Lesbian left-wing blogger Pam Spaulding has video of "Today" show coverage of the story. And you know that Pam's a feminist, so she can tell us what is, or is not, offensive in how the media treats women.

UPDATE VII: Complete text of Carrie Prejean statement.

UPDATE VIII: If only Carrie had listened to John Hawkins.

UPDATE IX: Pro-life activist Becky Brindle helpfully clarifies the issues:
Christians recognize that all people are born with a sin nature and therefore need to repent and be saved by the blood of Christ. Salvation is open to all mankind. Everyone sins. Everyone needs saved. . . .
If making a mistake in your life exempts you from taking a stance against other actions you disagree with for the rest of your life, then every person on earth would have to remain completely silent on every ethical or moral issue forever. Is that what they want?
Obviously, that is exactly what they want. Meanwhile, Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says:
It is because Carrie is a Christian that she is held to a higher standard than her detractors hold for themselves. As parents tell their children, one reason for living a moral life is because eventually -- usually at the most delicate time -- our indiscretions may be revealed.
I've learned to joke about my "indiscretions," but trust me, when this kind of stuff smacks you in the face the way it's smacking Carrie Prejean right now, there's nothing funny about it. But I like to say that if you can't laugh in the face of disaster, you're not really a Christian.

If you have faith, you must also have hope, and if you have both of those, you'll also have courage. It's the courage that inspires the laughter, because whatever happens to us, we know how this story ends. Pray hard.

UPDATE X: Moe Lane at Red State wonder exactly who this "revelation" is aimed at. I think I can answer that. It is intended to reinforce one of the Left's favorite memes: "All social conservatives are hypocrites."

There is no "target" audience for this message. They just enjoy repeating it endlessly, since it reassures the Left that having zero moral standards is, in fact, the morally superior position. Haven't you read The Vision of the Anointed?

UPDATE XI: Linked at Tigerhawk, by Daley Gator, and by Paleo Pat at Political Byline. Also now blogging: Flopping Aces and Hot Air.

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  1. SteveBrooklineMATue May 05, 11:42:00 AM

    Dude, have *some* standards! I know you have a family to feed, but what about your self-respect? Even Rule 5 (or is it 3?) needs to have a limit.

  2. Well, she's not really nude and the picture isn't that shocking. It's just a bunch of intolerant leftists holding her to an impossible standard because she doesn't agree with them on gay marriage.


  3. I am going on the record at this moment to completely support Ms. Carrie Prejean's right to be a Nude Christian.

    P.S. If Ms. Suzanne Boyle identifies herself as a defender of heterosexual marriage as Ms. Prejean does, I would NOT support Ms. Boyle's right to be a Nude Christian. Sorry :-(

  4. Here is the pic without watermark...


    I saw who uploaded it first... I still think this whole controversy was contrived since the question... about 60% sure her pastor and NOM are in on it too, but it may be something worth asking...

  5. Here's NOM's statement...


    It's obvious Maggie is in on it too...

  6. Basically, the rule is simple. If you dare say marriage is between opposite sexes, you will be shamed, humiliated, called names, etc. She stood up for her personal convictions, and has been dragged through the mud for it. I don't watch Olbermann (the guy is scum) and even he laughed while someone suggested Prejean was someone with a penis cut off. Do these people have no shame?

  7. "Well, she's not really nude and the picture isn't that shocking. It's just a bunch of intolerant leftists holding her to an impossible standard because she doesn't agree with them on gay marriage.


    What she^ said.

  8. Well, I understand most of this dust-up, but will someone please explain to me how posing for a side shot of one's implants renders one incapable of discernment in regard to the observation that marriage is between a man and a woman?

  9. I am a supporter of gay marriage, but I don't support what happened to her. She is entitled to her beliefs.

  10. You see more revealing pictures on the cover of cosmo and esquire or gq for crying out loud. seriously, wtf.

  11. I have yet to bring careful study to the lingerie photos, but, speaking for myself, at a cursory glance they tend to bring the thought of sex to mind. Of course, I must confess this also occurs when Ms. Prejean walks by in a bikini, or if she were to flip her hair back, or if she happens to look in my general direction and smiles. Of course, this says more about me than about her. I have no wish to shock anyone’s sensibilities, but I believe awarness of this fact was part of the general thinking of the person that crafted the ad.

    If the President of the United States can be photographed in swim trunks and it is attributed to him as a mark of his general worthiness to lead the country, I believe we can allow a person in her teen years to pose for a lingerie advertisement without our condemnation.

    A gal on the right can pull off a lingerie ad. Good for her. How does that disqualify her opinion? How does that negate her choice to make a principled decision? “What, you posed for a lingerie ad? Well, you certainly can’t have anything to say in the public sphere. You are a flipping leper!” Give me a break.

    I’d love to be happily married as much as the next guy, maybe more so. Is that because of a principled position I hold on the value of marriage, or does it have more to do with a certain hound dog that resides deep inside me, whom I have to keep a watchful eye on? What guy wouldn’t be happy if God were to bless him with a wife as appealing as Ms. Prejean? What, are we made of stone? I will guarantee you, if I had that kind of luck, many a man would look at me with wonder, and curse under their breath “The lucky dog!”

    My greater point is this. The utter lack of courage displayed on the right is deeply disappointing. Joe the plumber comes to mind, as do Sarah Palin and many others. Anyone that comes to advance a conservative position must do so with the full knowledge that they will be scrutinized and impugned by the left, and if it comes to light that they have ever made a mistake in their life, then the right will promptly abandon them to the gutter. That’s my party. What a bunch of wussies.

    The individual who is rightfully to be ashamed is the person that dug up the old photos and sold them to the tabloids. There is nothing more despicable than a man who would engender the trust of a young girl, and then sell her out when she is most vulnerable. Tell that ass hole to go f**k himself.

    As for you on the gleeful left, you found some old photos of my girl? Well good for you. Don’t you wish one of your thought patrol women’s studies profs could pull off that same gig?

    Oh, I beg your pardon. ..your interests lie in another direction.

  12. Do these people have no shame?You're kidding, right?

    Shame is for those who are not so deeply convinced of their Infallible Righteousness, and of their opponents' Irredeemable Hateyness, that anything and everything they do is fully justified. The thoughts and motivations they imagine for those who dare to dissent are the only ones that need be considered; the Greater Good absolves all sin; the Cause is all that matters.

    There's some old maxim about "ends" and "means" that would probably be appropriate here, but I can't seem to nail down.

  13. PCatchu...

    To the Left, if you have an End, they'll come up with the, er, Means.

    Something like that.

  14. I'm just glad she doesn't have a tattoo on her lower back. That would have been definitive proof that she was a hypocrite when she said marriage was between a man and a woman.

  15. Ummmmmmm....Pardon me for raining on the parade, but....

    That picture is a photoshop.

    I have not done the detail analysis, but the skin tones in the face are all wrong for the lighting on the body.

  16. I have commented at length elsewhere (I've forgotten where at the moment, but I dare say that if you read this blog, you have or will read the one where I commented) but the short summary is there is no connection between nudity and religion.

    That picture, by the way, looks like some I remeber from Sears catalogs.

  17. Here is Prejean is at age 17...


    1. She looks a little more muscular
    2. Doubtful that is the way her body was when she got first runner up at Miss Teen Cali 2005...
    3. She would have peaked for the Miss Teen Cali 2005
    4. The hair certainly matches better than the blonde look she's had since at least last summer...
    5. I still think it's possible that her boobs aren't fake...

  18. I just watched access hollywood...


    Victoria's secret didn't make that kind of underwear till 2006... she turned 18 in 2005...

    Here is their before and after implant picture...


    She still claims she was 17, and that she wasn't wearing victoria's secret...

    Victoria Secret then said: "Without seeing the underwear in person, there is no way for me to confirm that these are in fact victoria's secret underwear"

  19. Agree with Steve BMA, Stacy, rule 5 needs to have a limit. Stick with issues that matter - liberty, the fight against socialsim, the GOP, Air Force One flying around Manhattan without public knowledge, you will note that I have not stooped to the level of trying to whore hits to my blog with this story.

  20. My wife has a pair of panties just like that. Does that make her a Christian? Anti-gay marriage? Or just hot? Answer, non of the above, even though she is all three.

  21. Hey anonymous (09:02:00), thanks for the detailed investigative report on the underwear, complete with comparative photographs before and after supplementation. Sadly, I don't feel we have been able to come to an adequate conclusion. Perhaps you will feel compelled to take the next logical step as per the Victoria’s Secret spokesperson, and examine the relevant particulars in person?

    Not likely, pal.

  22. If it were a nude male the gay guys would be in his , eh corner.
    The gay gals are just pissed off because she isn't as ugly as most of them are.

  23. Uh, can someone give me the "sin" she has committed?

    I need an exact quote from religious scripture, that is clear, and doesn't need "interpreting."

    Let me know when ya find it.

  24. Wow! i really didnt expect she had a pic like this.... damn! too bad for her she may lose her crown

  25. That's it? That's the "naked photo"? That's the whole scandal?

    Dude, the woman is as "naked" as the lingerie models you can see any day in ads in The New York Times (or at least, you could when the NYT still had advertisers).

    This is not even Playboy-level nudity, much less Hustler-type stuff. I'm betting that Potter Stewart could see this and decide in a second that he was not seeing anything obscene or pornographic.

    Why is this woman being defensive about being a "sinner"? As others have said, you can see as much of any woman with a body to show off on any American beach. If this is the worst "scandal" Miss California has to endure, she's still holding aces.

  26. Uh, so you're seriously going to strip her of her Miss Cali title (pun totally intended)? Ooooooh that's super harsh... Here's a thought, maybe you should support a woman to remains true to her principles. Honestly nobody gives a rats ass about beauty pageants and everybody wants to see these women naked, the swimsuit competition is more racy than that stupid photo. I don't agree with her viewpoint. However, I totally support her right to voice her opinion, because she's super freaking hot, and an American of course. GFY liberal witch hunters!

  27. Its amazing all the links that say NUDE PHOTOS

    ummmm can you say photo one that is... and is it nude? Typical left wing spin and what does this have to do with her views on gay marriage? unless....Your saying that gay marriage is a "SIN"....

  28. I have photos of her competing in 2004 (when she was 17) and in 2007. For the pics to have been taken when she was under 18, as she claims, they'd have to have been taken no more than 8-9 months after the first pageant photos... and let me tell you the two Carrie's bear no resemblance to each other. The nude pic looks way more like Carrie when she competed in 2007. I'd say they were taken late 2005 or in 2006.

    I also have a copy of the state contestant contract... and let me say she's breached at least two clauses of that - the most obvious being "going rogue" on her director. I frankly don't care that she gave her opinion (although I disagree with it and think it was a bad answer in the circumstances)... my concern is that her actions since then have basically been against the contract she signed as a titleholder.

  29. "There is no "target" audience for this message."Oh, I beg to differ. There is definitely a target audience -- this is how the little thugs operate, and they are sending a crystal clear message to anyone who opposes their agenda: "Don't cross us, or we will destroy you".

    Just like their dear leader sics lawyers and the press corps on those who oppose him.

  30. Oh LarrySheldon, I suggest you do some research on what REAL Christians think of nudity, and yes, they won't even WATCH a pageant because they find it sinful. Typical, people claiming to be Christians and yet totally uninformed, just like your nude poster girl.

  31. some potential proof that she was underage?


  32. "I also have a copy of the state contestant contract... and let me say she's breached at least two clauses of that - the most obvious being "going rogue" on her director. I frankly don't care that she gave her opinion (although I disagree with it and think it was a bad answer in the circumstances)... my concern is that her actions since then have basically been against the contract she signed as a titleholder."

    Anonymous... cattle manure. You are looking for an excuse to discredit her and humiliate her. You frankly do not care about anything else.

  33. "Shut up," they explained.

    - Mikey NTH

  34. I totally support Miss. California, I think she is a brave young woman. I am proud to have my daughter look up at her as a role modal. What Hilton. the pageant and media have done to her is a hate crime. She is being crapped on because of her believes. Hello America wake up and smell the “CHANGE”


  35. "When a liberal hero screws around, anyone who dares to be "judgmental" is condemned as heartless, but let it be revealed that a conservative is less than perfect and you see how the game works. Somebody ought to write a book."

    Are we talking about John Edwards? His political career is dead and even the "liberal media" had his head on a stick. This is exactly why people are fleeing your party at a record pace. Maybe Republicans are better off as a third party.

  36. If it were a nude male the gay guys would be in his , eh corner.Not so. Look at what "the gay guys" did to Matt Sanchez, a right-wing homosexual who appeared at CPAC a couple years ago. Say what you will about "the gay guys," but this was a political hit not a sexual orientation hit for them.

    As for the issue at, uh, hand (one of them), Carrie says the nearly-nude picture was a modeling shot and was taken when she was 17 years old. Neither one of those statements is true. The evidence gathered by prior posters shows she was an adult, and the presence of some sort of shampoo or conditioner bottle in the left-hand corner of the photo shows that it was an amateur photographer.

    I'm old enough to remember the whole Anita Bryant uproar, and this one is a textbook example of how the Internet has speeded things up. Carrie Prejean will be discredited within a week. Remember, the one website that published the picture says they've got more coming.

    I think this is sort of fun! Betsy, do you really consider her a role model? Fake boobs and easily discredited lies? Is that what Christianity is all about these days?

  37. Brand new news! The "dirty blog" has published a second picture of Carrie. It's actually less racy than the first, but it establishes Carrie's dishonesty.

    It seems that Carrie told TMZ the following the other night, after the first photo of her was published: "There are no other photos of me. This was the only one I took."

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive

  38. The alleged "topless" photo of Carrie Prejean is about 1/10th as revealing as the ads featuring dozens of women in bras that one of our local leftist political advocacy groups, the Dallas Morning News, publishes daily in its main "news" section.

  39. Anon, you sound like a real aficionado of what's "revealing."

  40. Oh, Brandi, you came and you gave without thinking...To see what real Christians think about nudity, go here or here.

  41. "You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.' But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 5:28).

    I don't find that picture shocking, but it definitely caused me to sin as above, and I'm afraid perhaps spill my seed on the ground if I don't flee this page.

  42. These attacks on Prejean are obviously ad hominem with regard to the issue that got her into the news.

    This photo story becomes newsworthy if she loses her title, but then the Miss California pageant should be asked to reconcile its enforcement of family values in the model's portfolio department with its disregard for them when one of its representatives stands up for marriage as a social institution to unite two people who are actually capable of having a family.

    Prejean made a human error. The pageant is an organization that appears to be inconsistently laying down the law.

  43. Anon, apparently you don't think contracts, decency, or telling the troth count. I guess that makes you a typical evangelical hypocritical Christian.

  44. It's the hypocrisy of the gay marriage proponents that's so maddening. If somebody REASONABLE would take charge of the situation, Perez Hilton is the one who needs to be taken to task, IMO. What credibility does the USA pageant have anymore, if a judge can act and vote the way he did and not get in trouble for it? If this was the Olympics, there would have been an investigation and the votes would have been recounted and refigured. It's happened. Judges MUST be fair, or the competition is worthless. -- On the other hand, if the Miss USA Pageant is only another reality show maybe this fiasco was planned and staged for the publicity. So which is it? Are they just playing games with the public (taking us for fools) or do they have a serious competition?

  45. I have to tell you
    this is one of my favorite blogs..
    But time to move on...
    lets give it a rest..
    there are much.. more important things that need our attention..
    Such as supporting our current president, and saying "No" .. right back to the "Party of No" aka


  46. What??? EVERYONE got to be Pro Faggot??? I can't stand gays anymore after all this CRAP!!!!!!!!

  47. The racy shots of Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza are more revealing than Carrie Prejean's photos, methinks


  48. Dominic Petruzzi laughs at Carrie Prejean claims

    Carrie Prejean lied,says photographer

  49. Well, its not about being a repub. or a democrat, but about a girl who loves too much publicity, attention, money and err.. let's say Vodka? Is it so difficult to avoid filming yourself while doing an intercourse? I guess, Prejean got all the answers.


  50. why this thing become a big issue? for me it is just a normal pic.