Sunday, April 19, 2009

Larry Johnson Unimpressed

by Smitty

No Quarter lives up to the name reviewing the Obama recap of the Chavez meeting:
Here’s what is wrong with his lame-ass explanation/excuse. He is pretending that there are only two choices–hostility or the servility Obama demonstrated. I have lived and worked in Central and South America for more than 31 years. There is a way to be polite to Chavez without the glad handing and frat boy mugging that Obama engaged in. And you certainly do not start a dialogue about important policy differences by letting an arrogant prick like Chavez school you and humiliate you before the world.


  1. Here's an interesting question on the Obama visit to Venezuela by Professor Hanson:

    "Can we get beyond race?"

    "Our president ran on a platform of racial transcendence, but he now heads south to talk race ('The president put it [race] on the table very explicitly' at the opening ceremony, said a senior Obama administration official who participates in closed-door meetings with the president.) with some leaders who have explicitly employed racially charged stereotypes, such as Chavez’s use of 'Go to Hell, Gringos,' or Brazil’s president Lula's reference to 'white blue-eyed' bankers who caused the financial meltdown.

    Yet rather than discouraging such racial polarization, the president of a racially diverse, melting-pot America, finds the emphasis on racial identification useful for his global transnational agenda..."
    * * *

    It's also instructive to note that the demographic group commonly referred to as Latino is, itself, a virtual melting-pot of "races," and did not even exist four-hundred years ago. The Americas are genetically mixed, and skin color does nothing to indicate distinction. We need to get beyond it.

  2. Frat boy muggingYep - and he's always putting his hands on people. Not nice!