Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time to retire, Arlen

James Antle notes the Rasmussen poll showing Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter with only 30 percent of the Republican vote against 51 percent for conservative challenger Pat Toomey.

If Specter were a loyal Republican, he would retire, rather than (a) requiring the National Republican Senatorial Committee to spend money on his primary campaign and (b) forcing Toomey to spend millions on his own campaign.

But loyalty's only ever gone one way with Arlen. Even if he could win the primary, Specter would lose the general election. Yet, like all RINOs, the man is vain and selfish. Expect Snarlin' Arlen to wage a bitter fight, smearing Toomey with negative add, paid for with NRSC contributions.

No conservative should give a penny to the NRSC until Specter announces his retirement.


  1. Unfortunately, I'm coming to the assessment that the Conservatives in Pennsylvania will cut off their nose to spite their face.

    Reagan Democrats are dying off.

  2. I saw this poll too over at Libertian Republican, I enthusiastically support Toomey, I don't want to get too excited! I want to put out the word to support him, great man with a great liberty-supporting track record! How can we bombard the NRSC enough to make them pay heed?

  3. Cookie,

    So we should keep Arlen on the basis of keeping the filibuster threat open, when in fact he voted for the stimulus and killed the filibuster option. He's not preserving the filibuster option, he's giving Obama and Democrats cover. We lose and they get a "Republican" to wave around like the proverbial bloody shirt.

    Great idea!

    And, for all the purists in the Senate who refused to kill the filibuster because of long standing tradition, hence McCain and his Gang of 14, how long will it be until the Democrats blow that sucker up? Before the year is out, my friend. Just watch.

    We need to learn to fight to win. The Republicans HAVE NOT gotten the message as is demonstrated by the RSCC supporting and spending money on Arlen Specter. He's done. He's throwing good money after bad. They are NOT getting the message.

  4. Does Toomey have a significant chance to get elected as Senator? Otherwise, why bother? The only thing more useless than Specter would be another liberal Democrat in the Senate. And scorched earth primaries are rarely helpful in the main race.