Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The Washington Examiner's Kevin Mooney has a story about ACORN, quoting Matthew Vadum on something I hadn't heard before:
While the organization’s complicated structure makes is difficult to determine how many affiliates and subsidiaries are tied in with ACORN's vast apparatus, its connection with organized labor, especially the Service Employees International Union, is well-established, Vadum observed. SEIU Locals 100 and 880 are identified as allied organizations on ACORN’s web site. U.S. Department of Labor LM-2's (financial disclosure forms) point to over $600,000 in transactions between these same SEIU locals and other ACORN operations. A 2007 LM-2 form shows SEIU Local 880, which is active in Illinois and Minnesota, donated $60,118 to ACORN for "membership services." Organized labor has kicked it back in the form of gifts and grants to ACORN totaling $2.4 million, the LM-2's reveal.
Obama has very close ties to both SEIU and ACORN, and this evidence of direct coordination between these two left-wing groups is quite interesting. I wonder if Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and the other Democrats who got steam-rollered by the Obama juggernaut in the primaries understand what it was that hit them.

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  1. It is no co-incidence that the ACORN nat'l HQ is in the SEIU's nat'l HQ--in New Orleans.