Friday, April 24, 2009

Is Samantha Power Doing Her Andy Kaufman Right Now?

by Smitty

Power Line links Politico with a story about Samantha Power and the Armenian Genocide
As president, Obama has not been willing to "commemorate the Armenian genocide." Instead, in his typical weasel fashion, he tries to have it both ways. This, according to Smith, Obama has infuriated the Armenian-American community, including those who strongly supported him.
Amazing, isn't it, that the realpolitik of being the POTUS mocks all the asinine dreams? (To be clear, I refer to the utopian leftist ideals, not the reasonable desire of Armenians for redress of their holocaust.) Turkey, by nature of its geography and the mess that is the Middle East, will drive decisions like this. It's not buying much to take cheap shots at BHO for doing what you have to do as POTUS, any more than it did his predecessor.
To the finned, gilled and scaly fish that voted for him based upon the rainbows coming from the butt end of his unicorn, I have little in the way of solace. You're welcome to come to the Tea Party protests, and build the momentum needed to restore the Constitution to some semblance of the Framer's meaning.
Kumbaya won't do it for you. I think you and Samantha Power will have to reach for the release that can be found in the dadaism of Andy Kaufman:
And, to the Armenians, we can all pray for the return of Christ, when evil will meet final justice.

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