Monday, April 20, 2009

'Karl Rove follows me on Twitter. That's creepy.'

Who else but Meghan McCain?
Karl Rove follows me on Twitter. That’s creepy. I joined Twitter a few months ago; so far, it has been a liberating way to transition from political to personal blogging. It’s allowed me to share the less serious aspects and humorously uncensored moments of my life. But there’s also been a downside: I am now being followed by Karl Rove, and my local sheriff, and God knows how many other political pundits. We need to take Twitter back from the creepy people.
(Via Memeorandum.) OK, to start with, Karl Rove is following me on Twitter, too. He follows lots of people. But what Meghan probably doesn't realize is that she is being followed by thousands of people (bloggers included) who enjoy making fun of the incredibly stupid things she says. Who appointed her the commissar in charge of deciding who's "creepy"?


  1. Meghan McCain:

    Take back the Republican Party from the fundies. Take back Twitter from the creepy people.

    Seems a trifle elitist and arrogant to resume ownership of something that was never hers. But what do I know? I voted for the Chick, so I'm in one of those categories.

    Still, Robert Stacy McCain, this might be an argument for not using your real name on the internet. Meghan won't be able to twitter about you. The Twit.

    Just saying.

  2. Can someone find a tranquilizer gun and use it on this tool? What is really creepy is this is the kind of supporter for your Crazy Cousin John that did him in in the first place. Once again, here is the product of an Ivy League "education". UGH!

  3. Meghan McCain...

    Proof that the first word in Twitter ain't "tweet."

  4. Stacy,
    If you were my editor, and I submitted "humorously uncensored" in a piece, would you calibrate me?
    How exactly does one uncensor something in a humorous way?

  5. Mr. McCain,

    Have you ever considered becoming a candidate for office (hopefully representing the more conservative side of politics)?

    If not, perhaps you and other conservative bloggers can help spotlight new blood at the next Tea Party. Surely there are some at these gatherings who might make good leaders but probably have never thought about it seriously.

    The GOP is in desperate need for some new blood at the leadership level.

  6. Karl Rove follows me on Twitter, too. So what? He follows back nearly everyone who follows him.

    Very telling that Meghan is creeped out by Rove not by an actual creep like Perez Hilton, who insulted Miss California because she refused to take the PC position on gay marriage.

  7. I'm sure she would rather Noam Chomsky or David Brooks follow her twits.

    Protip: even twitter knows you have a big ass megham, wearing all black while twittering won't make it look any smaller.

  8. Karl Rove follows lots of folks. Even li'l ol' ME. She really needs to get over herself.

  9. Has dear Meghan ever considered that maybe people find her creepy? I sure as hell do.

  10. I think what she's missing most of all -- besides a functional bean rolling around in that empty blond maraca -- is the realization that just having dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of people "following" you when you have no particular insight is the creepy thing. If you honestly need your life to be like a low-budget reenactment of a Verizon commercial, you may want to seek therapy.