Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have a ranting Christmas

Julian Sanchez proves my point, not his. But I'm not in a mood to argue at length, for to do so would be as foolishly wasteful as a New York Times op-ed columnist devoting 773 words to the theological implications of Avatar.

Merry Christmas, Julian. (And in case you didn't hear, the science is settled: Avatar sucks.)


  1. Come on Stacy, lay off Ross--he is on your side on this one. Jimmy C. gives us the story how God loved the world so much that he, oh excuse me, she sent her only begotten son to earth who was made flesh, nine feet tall, and he was a Marine. Then he kicks ass against the evil white patriarchy corporate racists and enviromental criminals. Ugh-Rah. Me loves getting propaganda fed to me at $17 for an IMAX ticket...NOT! I remember I skipped G.I. Joe, United Nations Warrior for a reason.

  2. Hm. Looks like my name's on that Google search for some reason.