Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You might be a hopeless geek if . . .

Having earlier noted Ross Douthat's waste of 773 words on Avatar, now I see National Review's Michael Potemra wasting words on something even more trivial:
I have over the past couple of months been watching DVDs of Star Trek: The Next Generation . . .
Potemra's conclusions about the values exemplified in the show -- which he subsequently elaborated -- evoke scoffing from the Left: Kevin Drum at Mother Jones weighs in, as does Steve Benen of Washington Monthly.

Yet they miss the more important point: Dude, Star Trek?

Of all the things you could do with your leisure hours, you're sitting around watching a sci-fi soap opera? Brittany Murphy is dead, Steven Tyler is in rehab, Tiger Woods is sailing to the Bahamas, and I'm a finalist for the Malkin Award.

All of these important news developments are happening here and now, in real time in the real world -- and you're debating the political significance of Captain Picard's imaginary adventures in the 24th century?

Some people need to get their priorities straight.

(Via Memeorandum and WeSmirch.)

UPDATE: Evidence of Potemra's blunder:
It must be nice to have a philosophy that thinks Jar-Jar Binks was a good idea.
When Pandagon gets to use a line like that against you, it's time to re-think the sci-fi fanboy trip.


  1. Heh, from the Malkin Award comments:
    Posted on Dec 21, 2009 at 4:51 PM by gearoidmm:

    I'm with you on the McCain one. The only problem is that he'll wear this like a badge of honor. Sandy Rios a close second

    Adjusting for your lack of radio show and Fox exposure, taking 14% is a tribute to the smear-tastic efforts of Chucky J. and Patterico, as well as your Clark Gable-esque charm.

  2. At therisk of having eggs thrown at me, I have been ahead of the curve since mid-July.

  3. Are you saying that Eye of Polyphemus is a hopless geek? Mr. Jeffords isn't totally hopeless.

  4. "sci-fi soap opera"? The term of art is "Space opera", thank you very much.

  5. Of course he shouldn't be spending time watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, when he could be spending that time watching Babylon 5 instead.

    After all, remember the old saying: Never try to apply a Star Trek solution to a Babylon 5 problem.

  6. You're all missing the point!

    Is Obama really Harold Saxon? (Dr. Who ref.) And is Keith Olbermann a Toclafane?

    Seriously, Dr. Who is better then JL Picard any day. (But Kirk is till the original)

  7. LOL, Star Trek. Now, Babylon 5 on the other hand is extremely worthwhile and relevant. Can anyone doubt that sinister forces have seized our government and we are heading for a catastrophe of galactic proportions?

  8. Stacy and Smitty, you know that the biggest Star Trek fan over at the Corner is Jonah Goldberg don't you? Wanna rethink that change in editors?

  9. Here we part company, sir. Science fiction has been the vehicle for attracting a lot of folks to conservatism and libertarianism, and it deserves repect for that. There's also the consistent theme of improvement through rationality, engineering, and humanity. As a genre, it beats the hell out of political potboilers. I mean, how many books has Allen Drury sold lately compared to Robert Heinlein or David Weber?