Thursday, December 24, 2009

Proof that MSNBC is not a business

Say what you will about the pro-Republican bias of Fox News, the network is at least profitable, its commerical success evidence that there is a market for conservative news. MSNBC's ratings suck, chiefly because its programming decisions are transparently political rather than commercial.

In June, MSNBC debuted a mid-day medical show featuring Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who relentlessly shilled on behalf of the Democrats' health-care legislation (including taxpayer-funded abortion). "Dr. Nancy" got cancelled yesterday, and Ken Shepherd of Newsbusters remarks:
I can't help but thinking that Snyderman's program outlived its usefulness for MSNBC. Why else did Snyderman get to anchor an hour-long program but to push ObamaCare, supposedly with the gravitas that an M.D. can lend to the health care issue by virtue of profession alone.
Now that the bill is set to pass the Senate, Snyderman's program is of little marginal benefit to pushing the network's political agenda, particularly since she's a proven ratings loser.
Perfect proof that MSNBC's programming decisions are strictly a function of the Democratic Party's political agenda. And when the agenda focus shifts? Hasta la vista, Dr. Nancy!


  1. Damn right that is what MSLSD is set up for! They are a MOUTHPIECE acting as "news" to push the Democrats agenda....PERIOD! and btw EVERYONE who pays even the slightest bit of attention to reality is well aware of it.

    Matthews declared his love the other day for Saul Alinksy on this program however Beck gets grief for his love of the Founders.....WE are truly living in an alternate universe in the age of the Idiot!

  2. "pro-Republican" == "conservative"??? That does not compute. And that is the problem with the RINO party.

  3. MSNBC is not intended to make a profit. It's intended to cement the relationship between it's corporate masters - GE and the Obama administration. It will be interesting to see what changes and what doesn't under Comcast ownership.

  4. HaHa!
    I guess there wasn't any correlation between Obama's election and the signing of Beck to Faux News.
    Please. It's hard to take your arguments seriously when the argument is swiss cheese...