Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Financial Rape Will Continue...

by Smitty (h/t Hot Air)

...until the 10th Amendment is interpreted to preclude Federal involvement with individual citizens, e.g. through mortgages.

The only surprise about the Federal thuggery in lifting the Fannie/Freddie caps is that anyone is surprised. Power will be (ab)used.

States should be a blast shield between the Federal beast and citizens. Both citizens and the Federal beast should watch the states.

Political candidates making bleating noises about "reforming" Fanny and Freddie will be ridiculed remorselessly. These Federal vampires need nothing less than stakes in their hearts.


  1. Sell 'em.

    The nation may not get much for them, but netted out, it will be a helluva lot more than we are getting now.

  2. Smitty:

    You've nailed it! Returning to the federal structure designed by the Founders is our only hope. California, Michigan and the other failing states should be first in line to keep their money from being hoovered up to Imperial Washington.