Monday, December 21, 2009

In Defense of Harry Reid

by Smitty

Look, don't go picking on Harry just because he traded some horses to get his way. You may have thought that the Information Age would bring some wild blooming of transparency, integrity, mom, and apple pie.

It did nothing of the sort.

We now have the results of Way Too Much Power sitting in DC. It's been a century brewing, and your perfect storm of debt, incumbency, and incompetence has us all in a tizzy.

Harry Reid did very little that was particularly new or outrageous. Don't hate the playuh, hate the game. Hate it at your Tea Party. Hate it while you attend CPAC2010. Hate it while you write in Instapundit for POTUS, with Stacy McCain as VP. And me as 1st Porch Manqué.

Update: Stuff like this (email tip Rob Tornoe):

is completely unacceptable. Stop, or I will say 'Stop' again!


  1. There are plenty of reasons to despise Harry Reid that have nothing to do with health care.

    Beyond that, yeah, I agree it's the "game" that's the main problem; but you need playahs to keep the game going, and any successful attempt to stem the tide of federal metastasis is going to require not only good ideas, but also personal focal points for voter ire. The messenger may just be doing his job, but when he's preparing to deliver a suitcase full of explosives to your front door, it's all right to pick him off (I mean that, incidentally, in a strictly metaphorical sense).