Saturday, December 26, 2009

Festivus 'Mas Joy Rings Around

by Smitty

It's that time of the year when we celebrate our traditions in ways that hopefully don't alienate everyone else.
All of those readers with lives have been too busy to post or link us as much as we like, but we love them nonetheless.

The Nebraska Compromise:
As negative as everyone is about the whole steamer, except the lefty portion of the 111th Congressional Circus, its parade of bad ideas may not be over.We Don't Seriously Foresee the Union Disintegrating, but We're Closer to Such an Event:
  • South Texian picked up the Texas secession post about Ladd Ehlinger, with a technical correction.
  • Paco Enterprises joined the Sheldon Whitehouse foe club.
  • Jumping in Pools thinks that Texas cannot secede, but Montana Can. At a certain point, as with the Declaration of Independence, it's really not about what a piece of paper says, but rather about what you do.
Get Stacy That Malkin Award!
He's still in the running for [whatever it means] who lacks a radio and TV show.
Congratulations to Clan McCain Over Kennedy's Engagement Pour In:
Yes, The Other McCain is in Transition:
Stacy and I continue to make delightfully uncoordinated progress in a positive direction.
  • The Classic Liberal notes our efforts.
  • SI VIS PACEM also noted the motion.
  • Dustbury opines:
    Not that I have any particular complaints about WordPress, which we’ve been using here now for over a year with little difficulty. But it seems to me that McCain, who specializes in high-value, low-cost reporting, really belongs on Blogger, which is to blogging what Walmart is to retail: you might claim to hate it yourself, but a lot of your friends like it just fine. (Or maybe you need new friends. Your mileage may vary.)
About Those Goreflakes:
Girl Culture:
  • Wombat Rampant gave us a shout while relating an occurrence similar to the Protein Wisdom/Patterico thing which is apparently, hopefully, finally, running out of gas.
  • American Power has also been dealing with its variation on the theme. Donald Douglas also noted Stacy while examining anti-Hamsherism. he then followed up with "A Theory of Racist Smears and the Case of Robert Stacy McCain". All I can say is that the notoriety looks better on him than me.
  • Stogie links us while asking "Is Charles Johnson (of LGF) a Transvestite Cross-Dresser?" Can I please retain my ignorance?
  • Rhetorican picked up Stacy's AmSpec piece about a possible Hamsher move to the right.

Other FMJRA outings:
The Seven Figure Club:
Enjoy the respite, everyone. Gather your strength. If 2010 is any weirder than 2009, we'll all be needing it.

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  1. Man you are in second for the Malkin Award, but that Glenn Beck guy is kicking your butt. What do you have to do to win that award, have a show on Fox or something?

    I hate to give Andrew the hits for voting, but what the heck, you need to make a good showing.