Friday, December 25, 2009

Your Democratic Party Gift

by Smitty

Krauthammer's take (I suppose this is Fox All Stars) is perhaps too tactical:
The problem is this: The Democrats over-read the mandate in the election of '08. They assumed it was for great change of American social policy and making America into a kind of European social democracy -- radical changes in health care, energy, and in education.

That was not what happened in '08. It was rejection of the Bush administration, a weariness of war, and the rejection of an administration at a time of economic collapse. It was nothing more. They [the Democrats] overreached. They have tried to push a centrist country to the left, and [therefore] they're going to lose a lot of seats in the November election.
I submit that, strategically, the Progressives are realizing that the national debt and technology are combining to make a mockery of the notion of vast power in the hands of few. We increasingly realize that the man behind the curtain is an emperor in the buff. They sort of grasp that, after expending tremendous resources in 2006 and 2008, they'd reached a now-or-never (or at least not soon) moment. The national debt situation, media control, mood and personalities will likely never be better for a full-on European statist coup in this country.

Thus, the Democratic party's over-reach is a left-handed gift of liberty, if we keep up the pressure and face the ugly realities that reform will entail.

In the nearer term, Merry Christmas from The Porch. I'm panhandling for gifts, as well. Please take a moment and stuff the Inbox stocking with URLs for tomorrow's FMJRA.


  1. Merry Christmas, TheOtherMcCain.

  2. "I submit that, strategically, the Progressives are realizing that the national debt and technology are combining to make a mockery of the notion of vast power in the hands of few."
    Taking the high ground in the battle for the language is important, too. Just as the Left were almost universally successful in branding themselves "pro-choice" and their opponents "anti-choice" or "anti-abortion" in the MSM, rather than "pro-life", so the Left uses the derogatory term "cons" to refer to conservatives.
    My contribution: I suggest that we return the favor and refer to them as "progressieves", since their arguments do not hold water.

  3. I believe the Social Democrats thought they’d have two years to implement their nefarious plot. Until spring or early summer the Bolsheviks may have thought they had a mandate they certainly felt entitled to rule after assuming power. That they “over-read” the o8 victory is clear.
    That an actual effective grassroots movement could be mounted from the Right was a rude shock to the Socialists. Apparently they thought they had a patent on that tactic. They apparently also think that a “command and control economy” means the economy must do as it’s told. That merely saying ‘jobs are priority one” means we “shall” believe it. The way to get “Evil Wall Street” to make “Green Union Jobs” is to call executives “Fat Cats” the day before meeting with them. Could it be they think this will work?
    Merry Christmas, sorry got no URLs

  4. @ Proof: Progressives is Their word for themselves, it suggests “progress” and unlike the more accurate descriptive “Socialists/Bolsheviks/ Commie Thugs”, progressive doesn’t scare the uninformed moderates (it is my opinion one must be lacking some crucial piece of information to remain a “Moderate) any word with progressive as its root should not be our choice for describing the left.

  5. @Adobe Walls,
    'Progressive' is a convenient bag in which to toss both Democrats and RINOs.
    A colostomy bag.

  6. @ smitty1e: Hyphenated American has a post up quoting Sun Tzu recommending we should seek to irritate and enrage Obama and his minions as often as possible. I agree. It is well known that the left in general and Obama in particular are thin skinned. I wonder if they or at least He thinned skinned to fault or maybe even thinned skinned to a “fatal flaw”. It may be productive to find out it surely could be fun. We’ll never find out calling them what they call themselves. I understand but don’t agree with why McCain’s campaign wouldn’t call Obama and his party Social Democrats, some sort of scruples thing. Some like to call a spade a spade. I prefer to call it a f**king shovel.