Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday, where I will not mention Political Stuff, which, thankfully, seems to have toned down the Tiger Woods reporting.

[Tiger Woods tear line]

That's your Rule 5 Sunday. It looks like the nor'easter may have put a blanket of snow on submissions this week. Keep the cheesecake coming, people.


  1. Denise Milani is becoming something of a Rule! 5 Superstar. Discovered her at Theo Spark's, and in one post I managed to alienate at least one of my female readers! That woman has some full frontal machinery!

    Great work over here, Smitty!

  2. Even if Stacy would have visions of target practice were Flea to have courted his daughter, the guy plays a mean bass.

    LOL. Actually, I've heard my 17-year-old rock-star wannabe son Bob working through the guitar licks on a Chili Peppers tune. The title of the song escapes memory, but it's not "Suck My Kiss."

    Yesterday, BTW, Bob was practicing the Hendrix version of "Star-Spangled Banner." Because we're such raaaaacists around here, you know.

  3. Flea, no matter how stellar his bass skills, is NOT rule 5 material! Ew!