Thursday, December 24, 2009

State AG communication: much good can come of this

by Smitty

Ali Akbar on pointed me to Matt Lewis' post "Letter from Senators Graham & DeMint on Medicaid deals". The Nebraska Compromise for Senator Nelson is under fire.
My source indicates the attorney general has begun speaking with his colleagues from across the country, and plans to establish a working group of attorneys general to look into what action can be taken.
I realize it's unprecedented, but would it not be fantastic if such state-level AG collaboration evolved into a full-on Article V cram-down of truly Federalist proportions? The existential threat of the $12T+ debt and the quasi-parliamentary rule of this atrocious Congress make getting 35 States together for some house cleaning rather attractive. The possibilities for restoring sane, responsible, limited government are well worth the effort required to bring it to pass.

Bonus read: Senator Tom Coburn. May Fortune smile on that man.

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