Friday, December 25, 2009

Videos: Christmas Morning

Six kids plus our daughter's fiance' -- kind of hectic at The Other McCain household this morning.

Kennedy bought Rock Band for her siblings. In the second video, you'll hear me saying, "He'll see it." The 17-year-old twins Bob and Jim found a cool mini-bike at a yard sale, bought it and fixed it up for their 11-year-old brother, Jefferson. The mini-bike was in the kitchen, and Jeff hadn't seen it yet. It's not on video because the kitchen was a mess, and Mrs. Other McCain wouldn't let me video in there.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas to the entire Other McCain clan! Thanks for sharing, Stacy.

  2. ........and a Happy New Year folks.....

  3. A very Colorado Christmas

    H/T: Ace

    I am blaming it on the egg nog.

  4. Merry Christmas!

    It's great your kids are making an effort for each other. A freaking mini-bike? Your twins have purchased themselves a lifetime of hero worship from their little brother, if they didn't have it already.