Saturday, December 26, 2009

Britney and K-Fed, then Jon and Kate, now . . . Ace and Allah splitsville?

Little Miss Attila brings us rumors of the latest celebrity breakup. Before Christmas, Ace of Spades trashed Mitch McConnell as a sellout bastard. Allahpundit responded with a contemptuous sneer.

Next: Ace loads up to .13 on Valu-Rite vodka, gets slapped around like Mrs. Charlie Sheen. Then Allahpundit hires publicist Stan Rosenfield to say, in effect, "that bitch Ace deserved it."


  1. Given that Allah and Ace's "relationship" consists of Ace stealing stories from Hot Air's headlines to post at Ace of guess is it will continue.

  2. I think Allah is the top in that relationship. Ace follows AP's lead.