Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What are we on about for the State of the Union on 20Jan?

by Smitty

Yeah, yeah: Christmas/Hanukkah/Quonset. I know. However, That's Right just tweeted me about the National Strike being called, concurrent with the State of the Union on 20Jan.

Also, not to put her on the spot or anything, but I've contacted another infamous "right wing extremist" sort of person who was at the Kill the Bill rally before the Cash for Cloture vote, to see if she's cooking up any sort of group love note for the good POTUS.

I, for one, think a few thousand patriots on the Mall with hand made signs all saying "YOU LIE" would be a message simple enough for even a slack-jawed Lefty.

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  1. I'm all over that like racism on Jesse Jackson. And I like the idea of several thousand signs simply saying "YOU LIE!"

    Elegant in its simplicity, powerful in its message.

    Sounds a little like Reagan.

  2. A few thousand? How bout a few million. I don't have a job but I'd be willing to hitch a ride if someone is going from AZ.

  3. I like the idea of a National Strike. I'd like to see people on every street corner across the nation with signs that say "YOU LIE!"

  4. How about a few signs saying:

    And also that day (what I will be promoting on my site) is we use 1/20/10 to short sell New York Times Stock with a Conservative buyer at the ready.

    Good luck all!

  5. I take it you are getting self hosted wordpress and not that sucky wordpress.com?

  6. @Patrick,
    No, the .com site.
    Stacy, the talent, lacks the technical chops, and I'm not currently having the time for full-on site admin.

  7. a few thousand patriots on the Mall with pitchforks, burning torches, hot tar, and boiled rope would be a lot better, especially if the implements were put to use.

  8. Don't get out the boiled rope unless you're prepared to use a lot of it. A lot, enough to moor a navy.

  9. What should conservatives do now?

    At this point in time we are all breathlessly watching the amazing spectacle of descent of the Anointed One from the Garden of Eden into the crap-hole of history. What should the American conservatives do to accelerate this fall and make sure that our country gets back on track?

    Firstly, they must follow the Napoleon's maxim "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." The Medical Care Bill is a major mistake, and Obama will come to regret it. The bill is already unpopular with nearly 60% of the population, and this is even before the republican operatives went through it with a fine net, found all the hidden new taxes, regulations and handouts to the politically connected and made them public. The next year will be very exciting...

    Read more here

  10. One of the hallmarks of the tea party movement was that we used to brag that we all had handmade signs, and they were all different, and that made us *better* than the lefties that had "one totalitarian mind" a.k.a. the evil Borg.

    So I'm not sure what it says about "folks like us" that we are now advocating 1,000s carrying the same sign....even if they are hand-lettered.

  11. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2009/sep/09/joe-wilson/joe-wilson-south-carolina-said-obama-lied-he-didnt/

  12. Take a nice leisurely drive around the DC beltway on Jan 20th. Invite your friends to join you for lunch somewhere on the other side of town but just don't hurry. Leave around 5 AM or so. Take your time, traffic might be bad, you know. Meet up for lunch to watch the news. Head for home (or the motel) around 2 PM and get there around 10 PM. Be sure to be safe and drive defensively because there may be others who are enjoying a nice drive too. Take the LONG way home. Lots of sights to see along the beltway, you wouldn't want to miss them.

  13. I plan on taking a long leisurely drive as well. I'll be adhering to the minimum legal speed limit the entire time.

    I'm beyond polite debate where I attempt to convince the other guy of my position. Politics can also be letting the other guy know that you're willing to bring it all to a grinding halt if he pushes you to far.

  14. Quonset? You mean Kwanzaa?

  15. @Denver John,
    I will admit to the possibility of either
    a) having made a slip, or
    b) upped the artificiality of an artificial holiday.