Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthers, fanatics, right-wing militias . . .

. . . and the Buffalo News editorial page:
Health reform was supposed to rein in the explosive costs of health care in this country, deliver better results and cover more people. It was always going to be difficult, but it wasn't impossible.
Instead, under current plans, Americans are likely to get a bill that drives unsustainable costs even higher, does not completely solve the problem of the uninsured and does little to improve the quality of medicine. And it won't kick in until as late as 2014. But taxes, mainly on the wealthy, would go up pronto.
This was supposed to be the moment for health care reform but, much as it pains us to say it, President Obama and Congress -- Democrats and Republicans -- have badly missed the opportunity. They need to start over. . . .
The problem is that this bill isn't even half a loaf. Not only is it insufficient, but it will almost certainly create a costly worse result. . . .
Maybe the Buffalo News is one of those "Aryan support groups" Sheldon Whitehouse warned us about.


  1. ' Maybe the Buffalo News is one of those "Aryan support groups" ' you write. At the same time the Buffalo News is as stupid as Senator Patty Murray and that's saying a lot. "-- Democrats and Republicans --"? How about Democrats and only Democrats? Not one Republican had any input or idea in any of this tripe passed in the House or Senate. Get your head out of your gas Buffalo News editorialist. Merry Christmas. Jerk.

  2. "How about Democrats and only Democrats"

    they need to start the projection early, more they can say it was bipartisian the better.