Thursday, December 24, 2009

One less Democratic voter

Da Tech Guy's mother -- an 85-year-old lifelong Democrat from Massachusetts -- just declared she's going to city hall to re-register as a Republican because of this shabby health-care deal.


  1. Speaking as a Lifelong Conservative,from NH, a lifelong Democrat registering as a Republican is not a Positive. It's like all the MassHats coming up to NH to escape the oppressive Mass. Shakedown/Taxation, then advocating , and voting for the same Oppressive Regime Here In NH.
    Live Free Or Die

  2. How can this be if Obama is another FDR?

  3. Stacy,
    Hopefully there are tens of hundreds of thouands of other voters doing the exact same thing.
    It's Christmas...miracles do happen.
    Happy Christmas to all.


  4. That's kind of weird. Being from Massachusetts, she should understand that the Senate version of ObamaCare is pretty much a carbon copy of the RomneyCare her state has had for several years. If she doesn't like it, why would she a) have stayed in Massachusetts, and b) switch to the party that came up with it?

  5. My mother lives in the house her husband built, next door to the house her father built. One of her children and one of her grandchildren currently live in her father's house where she was born. All of her children and 11 of 14 grandchildren live within 5 miles of her. Her parents and husband are burried here and she still attends the church she was married in. You think she is going to give that up at age 85?

    She doesn't give a damn about Romneycare as she hasn't been to the doctor in years and hasn't gone to see one more than 3 times in the last decade. She has no perscriptions and when she is sick or in pain never talks about it. The only politicts she deals with are local and even so only occasionally.

    Unlike us she is not a political junkie, she has no computer, does't get cable and usually gets her news from the local paper, she has however been sick this week (as usual never said a word about it except to her older sister) there she caught the Nelson story etc on the radio and that got her angry.

    Oh and a suggestion to our friend from New Hampshire; feel free to call me Masshat etc, but may I suggest that you refrain from any tone even indirectly conveying disrespect when discussing my mother.

  6. Now all we have to do is clear out all the RINO's so that it's safe for her to vote by the "R" on her ballot...