Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'What. The. Hell.'

Michelle Malkin reacts to the ObamaCare "provision requiring insurance plans that cover dependents to provide benefits to children up to age 26."

Twenty-six. Think about that. If you're 18 and really serious about getting health-care coverage, here's a suggestion: Join the Marine Corps.

Not only will the Marines provide you with health care, but you also get free food, free housing, free clothing and free travel to exotic countries where you can actually get paid to kill foreigners.

How cool is that, dude? Not to mention, chicks dig that whole muscular-guy-in-a-uniform thing.

So turn off your gaming console, get your lazy butt off the sofa, go to your nearest Marine Corps recruiting station and sign up today. If the taxpayers are going to give you slackers free health-care, at least you should earn it the old-fashioned way: Killing foreigners.

Now the bad news: We're not at war with Canada. Yet.

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  1. Voted twice. both computers.. I might have to pull one out storage and vote with that as well.

  2. As someone who has raised some crumb crunchers past the age of 26, I did want to provide as much help as I could to my kids, at least until they got through college. Let's see...18 plus 4 equals 22!
    Well, I guess 26 is for those on the short bus!

  3. Just slipped over to the Earthbound Borg Colony Controlled by Andrew Sullivan, and voted for you. You have some ground to make up against Beck, but I'm all over it.

  4. Hey Stacy, I'm sure you're getting your boys ready for the Marines,aren't ya!
    Oh, I get it. This is just more of that overblown hyperbole that Right Wingers, when bored or feeling defeated, resort to.

  5. @Y4E,
    Your attempts to minimize what is the Congress That Shall Live In Infamy continue to amuse. You stay beautiful, kiddo.

  6. It's probably a good thing we're not at war against Canada. In this weather, the Vandoos would have skied in, slit all our throats, and ghosted away over the snow last Saturday.