Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh, and another point about Gore

by Smitty

The Blogprof has some bunk by Al comparing Global Warming to Civil Rights.

Al's credibility is thoroughly shot. While there is always hope for redemption in the future, at least in the theological sense. However, the present and the past are all suspect.

For example, the 2000 election. Al was on Weekend Update with Seth Myers recently trying to make a dry joke about being a 'popular vote' guy. As we start roasting a few ACORNs over an open legal fire, what revelations about the 2000 election might emerge? Was the whole Florida thing just an attempt to work the refs, as Al Franken more recently did with success?

That's the thing, Al: your reputation is your most vital asset. Your best hope for redemption is to go write a tell-all memoir and just come clean about the whole global takeover plot.


  1. There's nothing like an "Inconvenient Truth" to ruin a guys career.

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