Friday, November 27, 2009

Sarah Palin: 'Going Rogue' book tour

Conservatives for Palin has highlights of the first week of the Going Rogue book tour. Anyone who would derogate Palin has to cope with the undeniable fact that she inspire so many people. Kristina is a college student who waited in line in Rochester, N.Y.:
My sister and I arrived at Borders at 2:30am. I was shocked to see so many people lined up this early to see Sarah! So we quickly scoped out a parking spot, parked, and then headed to the back of the line where about 200 Sarah Supporters stood in front of us. . . .
From 3am until it was time to head inside Borders, Katelyn and I bonded with the many people who surrounded us. Most of them were much older then the both of us (my sister 17 and me 20) but our ages were what stirred up a lot of conversation. People were impressed and thrilled to see young Sarah Palin supporters and several people asked why we supported her. Since my sister was still a new comer to politics and to what Sarah stood for and believed in, I took the lead when it came to telling people what I love about Sarah Palin and why I support her. I even did an interview with a local news station and later, while standing in line, I did another interview with a news reporter from my home town. After doing a bunch of talking and two interviews, my sister asked me, "aren't you tired of talking?" My answer to her was, no! Every chance I get to talk about Governor Palin, I feel honored and it's so easy to talk about her to others because I know and admire so much about her! So it's always a joy when speaking about Sarah Palin. . . .
You can read the rest of that.


  1. That was a sweet account of two young girls getting to meet Sarah Palin. God bless those two. It gives me hope when I see younger people buck the trend of swallowing existentialist-marxist ideology and instead focus on America's blessings. There are obviously some great young ladies for your sons. ;-)

  2. This is what worries me about a Palin candidacy:
    the American people have just been burnt by the cult of personality that surrounds Obama. I don't think they will be to eager see such a circus repeated.

  3. Hey Stacy, Mary Rose is trying to hook up your boys with these young Palin ladies, in the respectful marrying way. Now that is taking your advice on getting youngins hitched seriously!

  4. Could anyone imagine this type of passion for Newt? Mitt? huck?

    Now Reagan yes. obama yes (at least before) Bush? no clinton? maybe depending on which sex scandal he was in at the time. And clinton I still will think it would be a no.

    And what makes me laugh is the GOP elites are too concerned about their power to embrace this woman with open arms. they should be out on every media show defending her record. her accomplishments. Her life story. Instead we get the elites saying she is a joke. she is damaged goods, she is divisive.

    Screw those girly men of the GOP. If that is how they are going to treat The Lady Palin they deserve to lose.

    I spit on the GOP elite for their disgraceful actions irt Lady Palin.

  5. Two qualities leaders exbibit. Influence and Vision. Sarah Palin has both.

  6. I like her but I think "governor" as a courtesy title went out the door when she resigned.

  7. She seems a lovely lady, but true, it is the Republicans that will not let her in.

    Two things do bother me though...she should have finished her governorship and she cant get ANNOYED at media questions. That is the reason Mrs. Palin gave for the sillines on the Couric interview...she would have to handle middle east peace talks, etc....she cannot get annoyed to point that she drops the ball.

  8. "Inspiring" people: What an awfully low bar you've set, Stacy!

    Our culture is clogged with "inspirational" losers. Or haven't you noticed that the American public abandoned descriminating taste long ago? Hell, every dope with white teeth and a hint of sex appeal runs his own bread and circus circuit these days, the proles bleating his name while swallowing whatever swill he (in this case, she) happens to be spewing.

    Use that good brain of yours, dude! All the best.

    PHIL P.