Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Fearless Leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of Blogosphere'

Sweetheart, you had me at "fearless." But what's this about Adrienne spending the night with me? You can never trust these kiss-and-tell types, you know.

Give a girl a comma or two, and next thing you know, she's begging for an entire paragraph . . .

UPDATE: Holy crap! I'm ranked just one step below Instapundit? And I haven't even been Tweeted by Alyssa Milano yet . . .


  1. ...and two places above The Corner? It's a Seinfeldian Bizzaro World tonight!

  2. You deserve to be number one! (Did that sound too sucky and over the top??)

  3. I wasn't even included on that farking list.

    Bastards. They'll notice me; one day. I hope.

    *walks away sobbing*