Monday, November 23, 2009

I hope to be as smart as Rick Moran someday

by Smitty

Why didn't you think of the celery stalk analogy, Mr. Moran? Look at your blog: you're from a nuthouse:
But Palinites are universal resenters. I don't think I'd go quite so far as Taibbi and bring race into the picture, but clearly these are "traditional Americans" who see the country changing politically, demographically, ethnically and are very uncomfortable about it. Palin, by speaking to their fears on a gut level, offers a refuge of sorts from the storm; reassuring those who need it that they are not alone, that there are others who share their fears.
Let's work on the list:
  • Politically - Progressives have legislated their way around the Constitution for a century. If you've noticed, and maybe you have not, there has been a 12 TRILLION DOLLAR BILL racked up. It's theft. Should we 'resent' evil? Should we say 'two tears in a bucket' and play through, hoping we die of old age before the crash? Should we write air-headed blog posts decrying the locution of someone, anyone, who happens to command the political capital to DO SOMETHING about it, potentially?
  • Demographically - I can't even hazard a guess what you might mean here, Mr. Moran. But you've deployed an important sounding word, so I guess that makes you important. The people who seem freaked out about the demographics, if we mean the census next year, appear to be the left. They understand that an honest read of people fleeing confiscatory taxation in blue states are going to diminish the power of CA and NY, for example. Hence the need to position the books near the microwave, for easy cooking, so to speak.
  • Ethnically - Is this a stealth race card play? The starboard blogosphere supports the gamut of genetic expression, AFAICT. Is this your way of slipping in a little hint of non-falsifiability, so that you can continue to write cheesy little posts about how the best of others falls short of your 'good enough'?
"speaking to their fears on a gut level"

How convenient of you to dismiss legitimate concerns as "fears". We have observed US politics as pure circus in the 111th Congress. Fine, argue that this is business as usual, but the fact is that the people are now paying attention. You can argue that the people have been asleep at the switch for a century. I'll give you that. However, the Congress works for the people, not the reverse. Labeling the popular dismay at the litany of un-representative moves undertaken by the Congress and Administration "their fears" seems, cheap, condescending, and in keeping with your usual style, Mr. Moran. Why are you such an apologist for what would likely be a full-on tyranny, had it greater competence?

Back you your post, Mr. Moran:
They will tell you it's all about "socialism" but these same folks didn't seem to mind much when Bush pushed the prescription drug benefit, or the huge federal interference in education represented by the No Child Left Behind legislation. If Bush had gotten half the resistance on NCLB as these folks are giving the Democrats on health care, the education monstrosity would have died in committee.
Does history exist for you prior to Bush43, Mr. Moran? At the age of 40, I can tell you that I was too busy being a squid, supporting and defending the Constitution, and placing excessive faith in my elected leadership until about age 35. Since then, after getting online and paying more attention to politics, and especially after the watershed event of Liberal Fascism, I've been studying the history of the decline of the three-branch, three-tier system of government in this country.

Fine, throw Bush43 under the bus, and Bush41 with him. But will you please apply your intellect to the deleterious effect of all of the legislation--entitlements, Community Reinvestment Act, etc., going back to the 16th Amendment, that short-circuit our Constitutional system? We've bought a momentary, unsustainable societal buzz at the expense of crushing debt, debased institutions, and the modern equivalent of aristocracy.

And you, Mr. Moran, seem to be strangely comfortable with this, posting superficially critical pieces, and supporting various GOP apparatchiks who are going to make appealing noises, while feeding the Federal beast. The problem isn't Democrat, Republican, Barack Obama or George W. Bush. The problem is the century of Progressive panem et circenses that must be rejected at all costs. Your calls for moderation are tantamount to a heroin addict confining the injections to the hours of noon to midnight. We need to get off the junk or just enjoy blowing the top of our collectivist head off. To tweak Nietzsche, socialism is the opiate of the bureaucracy, but addiction lacks middle ground.


  1. "Why are you such an apologist for what would likely be a full-on tyranny, had it greater competence?"

    Great Stuff!

  2. Relax, Smitty. Your anger has rendered you even less coherent than usual.

  3. Good job, Smitty. I just do not understand Moran anymore. He used to be my favorite blogger, but he seems so hell-bent to prove that he is mainstream, that he doesn't notice his logical non-sequitors... and I don't have the time nor the intellect to counter or correct him. Thanks for doing it for me.

  4. Smitty's essay was entirely coherent.

    Anyone who feels otherwise should probably

    a) re-read it. Slowly

    b) consult a dictionary as necessary

    c) consider finishing that GED waiting in the wings.


  5. "Your calls for moderation are tantamount to a heroin addict confining the injections to the hours of noon to midnight." Heh... Nice! Great post - I pile-on here.

    (I call it the alcoholic limiting himself to one bottle of scotch after 6:00 p.m. Same difference.)

  6. Spot on, Smitty! I read this morning that the NY governor and key Democrats are at each others' throats over a 3bn budget shortfall - only 10 times larger than the bribe to Mary Landreau. You'd think that sooner or later they'd figure out they would have plenty of money for NY state if it weren't being hoovered up to Imperial Washington.

  7. Mild mannered swabby knocks Rick Moran firmly upon his ischial tuberosities. Moran complains of headache.

  8. Hey this blog was ranked #7 of 133 conservative blogs, that is not bad. Granted that was just by one guy based on nothing more than what he liked but...

    Charles Johnson is nowhere to be found. He is now on the "bat shit crazy" blog list, if at all. He might just be ignored.

  9. Smitty,

    I'm sorry, I don't think you'll ever be able to match Moran's talent for non-verbal sputtering.

    Moran keeps getting the last part of his anger management regimen wrong - - - you write the tirade to get it all out, but you DON'T PRESS "SEND / POST"!!!!!!

  10. "Demographically - I can't even hazard a guess what you might mean here"

    I assume he means the obvious.

    Less then 50 years ago whites were about 90% of the US population. Now they are probably only 66% or so. In about 30 years, if not less, they will be a minority.

    I have no doubt that BHO will do everything in his power to exacerbate the above.

    Smitty, please start reading

  11. Btw, the left cleary understands what the changing demographics mean.

    Bill Clinton was recently asked whether the infamous 'vast right-wing conspiracy' was still around. His answer: “Sure it is, it’s not as strong as it was, because America’s changed demographically, but it’s as virulent as it was.”

    The vile Joe Klein mentioned the demographics in his attack on the raaaaacist Tea Parties.

    And then there is the Labor Party aparatchik who recently let the cat out of the bag and admitted that Labor wanted mass immigration into the UK to change the demographics and thus the political landscape, permanently.

    It seems only the Republican Party and many on the right don't want to understand the obvious.

  12. Moran is just another boring Faux-conservative who seems mainly interested in attacking other conservatives.

  13. You caught it, Smitty.

    The Left, devoid of rational arguments, is now applying the "Shut Up, RACIST/Sexist/Homophobe (or whatever)!!" card.

    Exactly what Kennedy is trying to do to his Bishop. It's kinda like the Wizard of Oz--the Left cannot afford to have people look behind the curtain b/c all that's there is a weak, sniveling, liar.

  14. Maybe Rick Moran is angling for a job over at the Frum Forum!

  15. Bravo, my friend, bravo.

    Quoted from and Linked to at:

  16. Brilliant Smitty, I love the untempered call here. I love the analysis, I love the energy. Moran is quite a tortured, strange creature. I am beside myself to pin-point just what it is that makes him tick. I avoid his site like a Green Football. For right wing, nor conservative he is not and I don't have the time or the energy.....

    Well done!