Tuesday, November 24, 2009

'Cleanup team to HotAir.com'

by Smitty

Charging Navy Seals for doing their job is just another brick in the wall for this administration.

Black Five catches some air at AllahPundit's expense:
Noted beta male and "many moons ago" entertaining blogger Allahpundit at Hot Air throws three Navy SEALs under the bus just to appease people who are only safe to be appeased, himself included, because of these rough men.
Allahpundit, I've met Jimbo. In my estimation he's one of those best friend/worst nightmare kind of guys. Staying in the desired category isn't really hard, and you're admonished to recalibrate your ways.

As for this particular story, it's the same behavior pattern as Afghanistan, on a smaller scale. After 44 tries, we may have elected the American equivalent of Caligula.


  1. I know everyone is trying to prove how awesome they are by pointing out that what they consider to be a slap ont he wrist = career ending punishment, but that's basically the opposite of that that expression really means, and what AP obviously meant.

    These troops chose NJP. I assume because they are innocent. That's not AP's fault. IF this terrorist is telling the truth (lol) then they did not obey orders. We cannot win our wars if our soldiers don't obey their orders.

    Yeah, I'd want to punch the terrorist too. I certainly understand if a SEAL made a mistake like that, and think the discipline such a troops must face ought to be rather light. A creative commander should be able to handle that without destroying a career. That these SEALs took that option away is not AP's fault. I suspect we just don't know what happened.

    AP's entitled to expect that our troops do not abuse detainees. He doesn't have to be tougher than them to expect the very best from our special operators, or anyone who wears a uniform. Yes, he has the right to criticize the manner in which they protect his freedom. I think he's a pretty brave person for doing so, knowing he's going to be bashed, and then posting the bashing without insulting those who did it.

    That's backbone. I'm so annoyed that people are comparing AP to thinskinned liars like Charles Johnson. AP actually has a good point. It's not 100% fair, but that's the nature of being a commando. They have to obey dumb orders, be decent to subhuman terrorists, eat bad food, work without much sleep, and face the risk of being shot and blown up . They signed the dotted line to deal with these orders and situations because they love our country. But that's a solemn pledge they took. They have to obey their orders now. It's a very minor violation (that probably didn't even occur), and I don't think these heros should lose their careers, but AP expecting discipline is something I as a veteran find 100% patriotic. I don't really care about the internet tough guys out there, but blackfive did not interpret AP's comments correctly, IMO.

  2. Smitty1e, Smitty1e, Smitty1e,

    I love you man. Not in a gay way, but in a respectful straight guy way. I like what you have to say.

    But do us all a favor. I do not like Barack Obama's policies. I think he is a weak leader and is promoting things that are definitely harmful to the Republic. But he is definitely not Caligula. I am going to assume you were just pissed in general over a bunch of very legitimate greivances--but anyone with an even report knowledge of what Caligula was all about knows Barack Obama does not fit that profile.

    Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter. Bad, really bad, but not Caligula bad.

    Don't engage in Charles Johnson/Andrew Sullivan type hyperbole. They will only use it against us all to explain away their own craven and disgusting behavior.

  3. I am equally disgusted by this poor treatment of these Navy Seals. They are heroes, not criminals. I mean, a bloody lip by a terrorst? This is insane. But as anyone who read or watched Band of Brothers can tell you, true events that predate even the golden* age of Obama, occasionally the chain of command in the military makes very bad calls on issue of honor. The way to deal with it is for the accused to call for a court martial. I am disgusted they have to do so in this case, but we all will be watching and holding everyone involved accountable.

    I heard a similar story the other day (I think on Laura Ingraham show) about a WWII hero and medal of honor (and silver star) winner who recently passed away. Apparently he ran to Canada to get into the WWII early and was convicted of desertion (he was already signed up for the U.S. Army). When the USA joined the war, he eventually went back to his unit but eventually the desertion paper work caught up with him. He paid a $50 fine for desertion because his superiors could not figure out any other way to get rid of it, then he got a battle field commission. In hindsight funny, at the time I am sure not so much.

    * As in Gold being above $1200 an ounce.

  4. Just in case that contemptable turd Charles Johnson links this as right wing extremism...

    Investigators are still trying to determine whether the death was a killing or a suicide, and if a killing, whether the motive was related to his government job or to anti-government sentiment.

    The truth is Charles Johnson is a dishonest lying sack of sea gull guano. He will not apologize because Charles Johnson is a partisan hack and loser who may enaged in auto aphixiation sexual fantasies about right wingers he hates.*

    * Or so it is rumored.

  5. @Joe
    he is definitely not Caligula

    I said "the American equivalent of Caligula", By which I mean someone antithetical to the idea of their state. Obviously there will never be a 1:1 correspondence between the two.

    Clearly it's the sort of assertion that will garner a very wide variety of opinions. Arguably it's so nebulous as to be more distracting than though-provoking. Yet there it is, and I'm a stick-by-what-I-said sort of blogger.

  6. It's obvious, but when I said the SEALs chose NJP, I meant that they had the option of NJP and chose a court martial.

    Reviewing AP's post, he was just explaining the factors surround the military's actions. He wasn't really endorsing anything. He didn't also condemn the military for expecting SEALs to obey orders, is that the problem? Not that I even believe the SEALs did what they are accused of, but what did AP actually say that's so wrong?

    I think America has elected some kind of nightmare. Caligula might be hyperbole, but it's pretty damn apt sometimes. the only sane thing to do to a terrorist now is to kill them. We won't get a dime of intel out of them anyway, so I fear some horrors are in the USA's future.

  7. Smitty, it strikes me Obama is doing to the populace what Malcolm McDowell did to that poor bridegroom. Except without the lard.

  8. Oh, okay, nuance. Is Obama an American equivalent to Caligula:

    Caligula sent his horse to the Roman Senate. Obama took a horse's ass from the U.S. Senate and then returned him to the Senate (the vice president is the leader of the Senate). Not exactly the same as what Caligula did, but I will grant a point to Smitty1e on that one.

    Caligula liked to take wives of political figures leave to adjacent rooms and have sex with them at State functions and then return to the party and humilate the husbands. As far as I know, Obama does not engage in this sort of behavior (and if he did Michelle would kill him). Hell, even Bill Clinton did not engage in that sort of behavior (he focused on women he could take advantage of without political blowback--so to speak--and even that did not work). Point to Joe on that one.

    Caligula was a sadist. In a big way. Like in killing women and children for sport. I may disagree with Barack Obama on a lot of points, but I do not think he is a sadist and certainly not in that manner. A best Obama is passive agressive. Point to Joe on that one.

    Caligula changed the rules of gladitorial conduct to make more action. Obama wants to make college football extended so an actual bowl championship can happen. Okay, point to Smitty1E on that one.

    Oh well, I guess we can't tell if Obama is really an American equivalent to Caligula.

  9. What is it with Conservative wing-nuts and their anal fixations?
    Rich Fader's reference above, Rush Limp-baugh's ankle-grabbing references...man, y'all got some issues.
    BTW, GW Bush is a more apt example of an American Caligula seeing as his daddy and other family members were high ranking officials and POTUS. Empire down with the rise of princes...

  10. Well, at least you're consistent -- you bitch no matter WHO gets a trial after being accused of a crime.

  11. Young-4-Eyes, what is it with young liberals and their Bush Derangement Syndrome? Now granted some of us shocked by the massive inepitude and craveness of the Obama administration are close to engaging in ODS ourselves, but at least we have a reason to do it.

    You on the other hand have supported a leader who is engaged in a war "of necessity" that he is currently not winning, massive unemployment that is growing, out of control spending, poor statesmanship that is embarassing our country, and who wants to revamp health care and raise taxes substantially.

    No wonder some on the right are fixated on their butts--they are worried what is coming next.

  12. While I understand why one would be tempted to use Caligula's name [considering his non-outrageous acts], I would quibble with my friend Smitty and say Julius would be the more fitting Roman tyrant to invoke.

    -It was the first Caesar who pulled the curtain down on The Republic [This seems to be Obama's goal for America: to 'fundamentally transform' it].

    -It was Caesar who crossed the Rubicon with his troops in violation of Roman Law and tradition and altered the Roman power structure forever [Obama has done his own metaphorical crossing by putting radical Leftists in positions of power in DC who despise everything America stands for, and he most definitely seeks to alter the power structure of The United States Of America (ex: the Czars)].

    -Desiring to be crowned King, Julius had to settle for Dictator-For-Life [I have a sour feeling in my stomach that Obama desires to be more than a mere American President].

    -Caesar was very liberal with the panem et circenses and thereby won the people of Rome’s loyalty on an emotional level [Ex: ‘Obama’s gonna pay my mortgage….’ And ‘it’s Obama-money’]

    There are many more matching actions between the two tyrants I could cite, but you’ll have to excuse me as I must go polish my metaphorical dagger [although I do think Brutus was ambitious but Brutus was a girly-girly-man].

  13. @Kn@ppster,
    You're consistent, as well, conflating acts of war with civil crimes on a regular basis.

    Your point of a lack of a declaration of war is well taken. I think it more meaningful as a marker for the decay of our Constitutional system than as an excuse for piling stupid upon moronic, as the KSM trial is already doing. Did you see that lawyer on O'Reilly? Bill's "weasel" label was a pleasant spin on that cretin.

  14. In defense of Hot Air, Captain Ed orders Glenn Beck flogged (and rightly so). Allah's post on the Seals was misplaced and wrong, but if Glenn Beck is telling troops not to re-enlist under Obama, he is crossing his own little Rubicon, or to use another metaphor, jumping the shark.

  15. Y4E, don't try to tell me that's a colonoscope. Colonoscopes don't have knuckles.

    Seriously, I would think the left thought Dubya more like Claudius. Which would make Obama Nero. Which I'm sure sounds so much better.

  16. Smitty, very fitting description of Jimbo. Glad that we can count him on the "friend" side, therefore.