Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First it was Pamela Geller. Now . . . this:
At least ten students at a Florida middle school assaulted or encouraged assault of Jewish classmates in what they called "Kick a Jew Day". It was not the first incident of its kind. . . .
A Jewish student at the North Naples Middle School in Florida informed the dean of students last Thursday that she was attacked. The next day, after Principal Margaret Jackson addressed students, her office was informed of at least ten students involved in such kicking incidents.
One student told the local NBC television station correspondent that the phenomenon was "very widespread, happening all over school." In a letter to school officials, the parents of a Jewish student said that their daughter was taunted and kicked by several other students. "Apparently many kids, all Jewish, were kicked during the day," the parent wrote.
The North Naples Middle School students who the principal said took part in the "Kick a Jew Day" attacks received a one-day, in-school suspension and their parents were informed.
I mean, hey, if wild-eyed speculation about Tea Parties inspiring murder in Kentucky is fair game, why not blame CJ for "Kick a Jew Day"?

BTW, if anyone wonders what inspired this, give the credit to Track-a-Crat. He hit the tip jar and sent me this message:
Stacy, $10 for another pop at CJ or some other left-wing cretin, with a mention that I put you up to it, of course (and please).
Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm always glad to add to your holiday cheer. Hit the tip jar.

UPDATE: And next time Hamas starts blowing stuff up in Israel, somebody hit the tip jar and I'll hang it around Andrew Sullivan's neck. Call it our "Blame for Bucks" holiday fundraiser.

Fairness? We don't need no stinkin' fairness!

UPDATE II: News video about the incident from Political Byline:


  1. Kick a Jew Day?

    It's stunning to believe that this could even be considered.

    Yet another reason I'm glad we homeschool.

  2. This should be followed the very next day by "Get Kicked In The Nads Repeatedly By A Jew" day. Participation in the first automatically signs you up for the second.


  3. Right on Jay Tea. Look what happened to the guys who wanted to exterminate all the Jews in Persia in the Book of Esther. The Jews wasted everyone who wanted to attack them. A bunch of Persians decided it was a good idea to become Jews. It's amazing what happens to the urge to be nasty to other people when the bad guys have to bear the consequences personally.

  4. Fairness? What the hell is fair and who decides? Hopefully, not Charles or "excitable Andy the world famous obstetrician."

  5. Stacy, much obliged. Well worth every red cent. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  6. Wasn't this actually called "Kick A Ginger" day? Taking liberties with the truth (again)?

  7. Ok how come no one says the truth the students participsting in the violence are **BLACK*** who are doing this!