Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Cap and Trade Is Dead'

Well, duh! This is kind of obvious, isn't it? Once the fraudulent "science" behind the global warming scare was exposed, Al Gore became the Piltdown Man of American politics and that whole Kyoto-style agenda was as obsolete as the mullet and parachute pants. Delicious commentary from Eric Raymond:
For those of you who have been stigmatizing AGW skeptics as "deniers" and dismissing their charges that the whole enterprise is fraudulent? Hope you like the taste of crow, because I do believe there’s a buttload of it coming at you. Piping hot.
Unlike crow, schadenfreude is a dish best served cold. And I remind you what I said in June:
The simplest way to define conservatism is this: The belief that liberalism is wrong.
All along, the strongest evidence that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) was a hoax was a simple fact: Liberals believed in it.

Kind of like the Obama administration's economic plan, really. It didn't take any prophetic power to declare last December, "It Won't Work." And the emerging obviousness of the failure of Obamanomics is just further confirmation of the fundamental truth that liberalism is always wrong.

Now, if only we can get liberals to agree that Florida will win the SEC championship next Saturday, an Alabama victory is guaranteed.

(Hat-tip: Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: G.M. Roper:
The recent exposure of emails, data and software from the pre-eminent global warming organization -- the Climate Research Unit -- shows not only that scientists are human and thus tribal, arrogant and sometimes deceitful, but also the modern process is inadequate and antiquated.
Skeptics have argued that critical data had been "cooked," and scientists had been refusing requests for data. Now we know that not only was the data misused and that the scientists had been engaged in a coverup and suppression of dissent, but also that they are not even able to understand their own data. . . .
Read the whole thing. What we need, I tell you, is a scientific consensus that Florida will win next Saturday. Get the CRU working on it. Roll Tide.


  1. OK this is really funny...... ROLL TIDE!!!!!

  2. A fairly long post covering global warming pretty thoroughly:

  3. "The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn't so."

  4. I think that's a bold title right now. I don't in the slightest believe it's dead. You have to remember, the Obama adminsitration has already figured in projected cap and trade federal revenue with the federdal deficit projections to make it appear the deficit isn't as bad as it really is. In my honest opinion, cap and trade is a done deal and will happen when we least expect it. As far as the Obama administration is concerned, these e-mails don't exist. Even Gore changed his tune this week and masked his language on an essay on capitialism.

  5. "the Piltdown Man of American politics"...

    Dang! I wish I'd said that.

  6. The Piltdown Man of American Politics?
    1) Skull of a human? Check
    2) Jawbone of a BearPig? Check
    3) Fossilized? Certainly ossified so...Check
    4) Hoax? Check
    The science is settled.

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  8. Bwahaha, Piled higher and deeper.

  9. As with everything else in this Congress, Crap and Enslave is undead.

    Portions of it may re-animate and devour a brain near you Real Soon Now.

    It's not over until the systemic causes of the evil are re-constrained within the check and balance system envisioned by the Framers. Keep up the pressure, ye patriots.

  10. The mullet and parachute pants ain't cool no more??? Crap! No wonder I...

  11. "and that whole Kyoto-style agenda was as obsolete as the mullet and parachute pants."

    I will give up mah mullet when they pry the scissors from your cold dead hands...

  12. Actually, I think it is Piltown Mann...

    Seriously? I won't believe cap-and-trade is dead until Congress burns the bill on the steps of the Capitol Building. I don't trust the Obama administration to give up one of the most surefire avenues to almost-total control over American lives that easily.

  13. Piltdown Man is properly spelled Piltdown Mann.