Monday, November 23, 2009

IG-Gate: White House Walpin Spin Game
BUMPED: Grassley-Issa Report Added
UPDATE: Sex Scandal + 'Hush Money' = Not News?

UPDATE 9:20 p.m.: My report at the American Spectator:
Sexual abuse accusations by St. HOPE Academy students against Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson were apparently covered up, possibly with "hush money," according to a 61-page report issued by congressional investigators. . . .
The Grassley-Issa report says that agents of the inspector's general office who investigated the St. HOPE sex-abuse charges "immediately recognized what appeared to be improper handling of this allegation . . . and unethical conduct by Mr. Johnson's attorney," Kevin Hiestand, who was also the mayor's business partner.
And at the Hot Air Green Room:
What makes this so amazing to me is how the MSM’s political bias apparently trumps their basic news judgment.
Teenage girls? Sex abuse? Powerful politicians? "Hush money"? Dude, if that story’s not front-page news, I don’t know is.
UPDATE: Michelle Malkin notices that the MSM is missing in action on the IG-Gate story, and Hot Air's Ed Morrissey says:
Will the national media finally take some interest in the story now? The White House not only deliberately misled Congress on Walpin’s firing, they also withheld these new documents until after Grassley and Issa made their initial report on the investigation on Friday. As Byron York notes, that takes the traditional Friday-night document dump to a whole new level. It also completely refutes any claim on transparency and openness from this administration.
The joint report of House and Senate Republican investigative staff is here (PDF).

PREVIOUSLY (11:46 a.m.): Byron York has a report today on the way the Obama White House played "hide the facts" about the firing of AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin. Good work, Byron.

Eric Holder is in deep doo-doo. This is classic "Culture of Corruption" stuff that Michelle Malkin has relentlessly exposed.

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