Sunday, November 22, 2009

What happened to Frank Schaeffer?

Besides being whacked upside the head with the Crazy Stick, I mean. When I wrote yesterday about Schaeffer's bizarre attack on far, far, far right neofascist Marvin Olasky (?!?), one commenter linked to a book review by Os Guinness:
[N]o critic or enemy of Francis Schaeffer has done more damage to his life's work than his son Frank . . .
With such a son, who needs enemies?
Another commenter was Orthodox layman George Michalopulos, who referred me to his own June editorial about Schaeffer:
[During] the years 2000-2002 . . . [Schaeffer] traveled the country barnstorming Orthodox Churches, telling them that America was going to hell in a hand-basket. One of his bugbears was abortion and the degradation of man. The other was the threat of Islamo-fascism. I first heard the term "Islamo-fascism" in 2002 and it was from his lips. Schaeffer’s grave disappointment in President Bush actually started then, when he rightly saw Bush's phrase that Islam was as a "religion of peace" as a sham. I got the impression sitting in the pews at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma that in Schaeffer's mind, Bush should have taken up the Cross instead of placating the Islamic masses who were "an implacable enemy" of our civilization. . . .
Read the whole thing. Considering how Michalopulos describes Schaeffer's discourse circa 2002, the resemblance to certain other erstwhile anti-jihadists is remarkable, is it not? This thought provokes the multiple-choice question: (a) sincerity, (b) opportunism, (c) sincere opportunism, or (d) unbalanced emotional gyroscope? Maybe (e) all of the above.

My father was a loyal lifelong Democrat and, toward the end of his life, it got to where we simply couldn't talk about politics. Yet neither our political disagreements, nor any of his human shortcomings, could ever diminish my filial duty of respect for Old No. 27, whose many excellent qualities and wise teachings I have had occasion to cite.

Some people have "father issues." If they can't work through them, it poisons their souls. Sin is a disease, and sick people deserve our pity, even as the twisted fruit of their illnesses deserve our contempt.


  1. Take him. Crucify him, if you'd like. But separation of church and state is a Conservative issue, and we must be sure that our candidates understand and practice that. -- not Leah

  2. HaHaHa!

    Dominionists: Once they latch on they never let go.

    Smitty must be a clairvoyant.

    "As with anthropogenic global warming, however, I'm sure we'll grow weary of it. *sigh*"

    *deep sigh*

  3. it was Frank Schaeffer who got his dad to "go political" and get Evangelicals like me to get involved in pro-life politics. Mr. Schaeffer will have to stand before someone scarier than me to account for what he's done to his dad's legacy.

    When I'd read Francis Schaeffer books, I was duly impressed, but they'd have bits of artwork and kitsch generated by Franky Schaeffer V, and I was never impressed by that, it seemed as if the kid was trading on his dad's reputation.

    Frank Schaeffer has become a ghoul, eating the flesh of his father's corpse. I can't recommend buying his father's books, b/c I suppose a royalty will go to his son.

    Last winter, Francis Schaeffer's son-in-law, Udo Middleman came to visit the local seminary. It was lefty eurosocialist paternalistic drivel.

    Pity the man couldn't leave a better legacy.

  4. Would love to see Christianity Today do an article on the ignominious Shaeffer.