Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alan Colmes, having fun at #1

by Smitty

Number one on the Kübler-Ross model, that would be:
...scientific evidence means nothing to those with an anti-global warming agenda, who point to illegally hacked mails to try to prove that global warming is a hoax. Sadly for them, the anti-global-warming hysteria isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The ugly part of this has more to do with scientists jockeying for position and arguing over how to best put forth their theories in a contentious political climate. The uglier part is those who are distorting this for the purpose of advancing anti-environmental theories.
You know whose global warming ideas I like? David Byrne's:

Only now "the house" is the liberal fascist house of cards moreso than the planet.

If the Crap and Enslave legislation wasn't so Machiavellian in nature, this whole situation might be funny. Instead, global warming in particular and the administration in general feel like The World's Longest Time-Share Sales Pitch. Maybe they think if they blow enough smoke up the public bottom we'll achieve their level of brainwashing. Buy in now, and you too can become an Operating Thetan, or some other Progressive thing. Woohoo!

Update: Eric S. Raymond offers a survey of scientific fraud.


  1. Crap and Enslave-brilliant! I refer to it as Crap and trade, but you hit it right on the head. It is one of the last gasps of the left to impose socialism on a massive scale, especially here in the United States. We truly have to hold the Republicans on this one. This must be defeated at all costs.

  2. This issue is really big in Oz. We are facing a similar bill that will cost us an extra $1500 plus per year. The big news is that some members of the Opposition have resigned their positions in order to vote against the bill.... will just have to wait now....

  3. There is no scientific evidence that supports global warming, just manipulated data, but you can't expect a non-scientist like Colmes to understand the subtleties.

  4. Pwople like colmes cannot think for themselves.that's their problem,they're just zombie followers

  5. We've had so much smoke blown up our asses on global warming that it's the leading cause of cancer of the rectum.