Monday, November 23, 2009

Communications Breakdown

This afternoon, I fell asleep while reading Craig Shirley's new book, Rendezvous With Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign That Changed America.

When I woke up, Glenn Beck was on TV, talking about this New York Times story that I blogged about yesterday. In his opening monologue, Beck explained that a key part of this story -- about the massive interest payments required by federal deficit spending -- was actually in his own Common Sense book, published five months ago.

Think about that. Today's front-page news for the New York Times was reported five months ago by a radio/TV talk-show host. Meanwhile, we're discovering that scientists have fudged the global warming data. And Florida Gov. Charlie Closet Crist is calling Marco Rubio a liar? Does Charlie's beard wife know about this?

"Communication Breakdown, it's always the same . . ."


  1. It was suggested that Ann Althouse should do blogging heads with Andrew Sullivan.

    Next time Charles Johnson accuses you of racism, challenge him to a debate at blogging heads. My guess he will do this.

    Hey Lizoid Nation, your prophet is a coward!

  2. Have you seen the Radio Equalizer's post about Glenn Beck and how smoothly he's promoted by the Media?
    Glenn is going to help the Left win the next election.
    I know he's fun to watch, the motives are interesting too.