Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IG-Gate: The Sacramento Sex Scandal Obama and MSM Want You to Ignore

Yeah, this kind of stuff could get embarrassing:
About 11:00 p.m., Mr. Johnson arrived at St. Hope and instructed [her] to gather her things and come with him. Mr. Johnson drove to [her] apartment, which is managed by St. Hope Development and houses its AmeriCorps members, purportedly so that they could review the students' grades. While in [her] apartment, in which another AmeriCorps member had a separate bedroom, Mr. Johnson laid down on [her] bed. [The woman] sat on the edge of the bed to show him the grades, at which time Mr. Johnson "layed [sic] down behind me, cupping his body around mine like the letter C. After about 2-3 minutes or so, I felt his hand on my left side where my hip bone is."
That's from WorldNetDaily, digging up more gold from the motherlode Grassley-Issa report (PDF) on the firing of AmeriCorps IG Gerald Walpin. The Democratic mayor of Sacramento seemed to think he could use the federally-funded St. HOPE program the way Eliot Spitzer used the Emperor's Club VIP call-girl agency.

Kevin Johnson's fiancee -- who just happens to be the boss of D.C. public schools -- tried to sweet-talk Walpin out of blowing the whistle on her sweetie and, when Walpin wouldn't play ball for Obama's buddies, the White House fired Walpin and lied about it. And then there are those magic words: "Hush money."

All of which adds up to one heckuva sex scandal, but you're not seeing much about this in the MSM, are you? The New York Times buried the story inside Saturday's paper with the bland headline, "G.O.P. Report Connects Official to FiancĂ©’s Case."

If Kevin Johnson and Michelle Rhee weren't Democrats, the New York Times would be running 72-point headlines on Page One: REPUBLICANS ROCKED BY TEEN SEX 'HUSH MONEY' CHARGES!

But like Professor Glenn Reynolds says, "When the press can ignore a sex scandal, you know it's covering for politicians, not covering them."

More at Memeorandum and the IG-Gate blog.

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! What offends me about this is that the newspaper business is in meltdown mode and, hey, sex sells, right? This story is a headline-writer's dream:
Hizzoner's Hush-Money Teen Tango
Watchdog Whistle-Blower Claims
White House Arranged Cover-Up
Watever happened to selling newspapers, people? Dibs on the "Michelle Rhee sex video" Google-bomb, BTW. Now, somebody needs to hit my tip jar. My wife wants to go holiday shopping Friday.


  1. It’s obviously the propositioned teens and the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” who is to blame for all of this (snigger, snigger.) It’s best that our noble mainstream media establishments don’t sully themselves by covering such filth (snigger, snigger.) By the way, have you heard the accusations leveled at Sarah Palin by her daughter’s baby daddy, who is himself a pillar of virtue? It’s all over the MSM (snigger, snigger.)

  2. this behavior really isn't that new for Kevin Johnson.. My sister worked at the restaurant in Phoenix when he played basketball for the Suns. The waitresses were always propositioned.. either flat out or in very subtle ways.

  3. Hand on the hip == sex? Really?

  4. MattJ, I know you may find this hard to believe, but teachers are not allowed to grind on minor students like this. Really.

  5. So MattJ,

    Do you think his behavior and that of the Obama administration was appropriate?

  6. I remember that Kevin Johnson got in trouble in Phoenix about 11 or 12 years ago for taking a shower with an underage girl, but somehow got out of it. Can someone look into this for more specifics?

  7. This IG scandal is BIG news! It should receive at least as much attention by the MSM as the ACORN document dump and climategate!


  8. The following post has details on the 1995 incident near the bottom of the post.


  9. You misunderstand MattJ.
    He thought this was a Lesson Point for him.


  10. not sure this is new to you, mr. mccain. but this is not the first time KJ molested a minor.

    back in his phoenix suns days...



  11. Why would the TIMES even consider covering this news, it doesn't fit their right wing agenda. I wonder how much stimulus money they will be asking for when they go down the tubes. The sooner the TIMES go under the better off America will be.