Sunday, November 22, 2009

Congratulations, Jan and Damon

The "Day By Day" couple have given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Or girl. Either way, a wholly-owned property of Our Enemy, The State:

Best wishes to the newest addition to the world of cartoondom, and condolences to Eric Cartman.

BTW, Mr. Muir, how long will we have to wait for Samantha to get naked again? We've got a little betting pool going here in the right-wing blogosphere, and if she gets naked Tuesday, I'm the big winner. And I've got a side-wager riding with Jules Crittenden, so I win double if Sam turns out to be a natural redhead. IYKWIMAITYD.

On the other hand, if the long-awaited Samantha full-frontal reveals depilation so extreme as to render the natural-redhead issue moot, the double-jackpot goes to VodkaPundit.

If it turns out that she's a tranny, of course, the prize goes to Ace of Spades. That sick freak . . .

UPDATE: Via Twitter direct message, Chris Muir informs me:
  • Javier Luciano Thomas weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds; and
  • The only way anyone will ever get to see full-frontal nudity of Samantha is by making an extraordinarily generous donation to Muir's tip jar.
Unfortuntately, I lack the Photoshop skills to forge such an image (Samantha + hentai = $$$$), but if somebody hits my tip jar, I might be persuaded to write a 500-word description of a sexy nude cartoon chick.

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