Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global warming cage match suggestion

by Smitty

Update: I meant seventeen, not seven.

Big Hollywood has Ed Begly, Jr., age threescore, adding to global warming on Stuart Varney's little corner of Fox. Ed repeats "peer review, PhD climate scientists" with the hot, authoritarian air of someone who believes in the science with a high degree of religious faith. Ed also has a spiffy pair of gills.

Viscount Monckton, age twoscore and seventeen, thinks the scientists in question should be reviewed by someone named "Bubba", but not necessarily for their climate research.

How about a cage match? A nice, clean, refined boxing match in full gear, not unrefined fisticuffs. I daresay the good Viscount would treat that lousy colonial Begly to a right jolly drubbing.

Then Ed's show could have an episode where Rachelle lovingly patches up Ed's poor wee leftist milquetoast body. Ed's show would be completely unwatchable without her, in any case. What are your odds, Track-a-'Crat?


  1. To some degree, I can respect Ed Begly Jr. a bit more than your average celebraty.. He at least tries to live the green lifestyle... no matter how missguided he may be..

  2. Ooooow, it really sucks that copy & paste is (still!) not permitted here, Smitty.

    Thank you, nonetheless, for alerting me to Begly's immense douchebaggery. Arrested Development is pretty much the best anything ever, but even that doesn't excuse this guy from his mindless meltdown over the falling sky.

    TKO by Monckton - you don't get to where he is without being able to fight dirty.

  3. PS - I have my mac at work, so can scatter comments around the web today (o joy of joys), unlike my deficient work pc which likes to do nothing more than gobbling them all up, for some reason...