Monday, November 23, 2009

Sheer evil genius

by Smitty

Guys, I've got this one. You may have seen the trapped-in-brain story, and wondered how having the government run health care is possibly going to deal with such.

Consider this: when combined with the legal drift described at society can attain Die Endlösung:

Outlaw illness!

The idea is awesome in its bloody-minded simplicity. Just slip a few more pages into the next multi-ream excretion with some inverted title like "Federal Universal Coverage Knowledge-base: Young, Old, Undecided."

This thing of beauty would convert hospitals to jails and use treatment scarcity as a means of capital punishment on these newly minted criminals. We can sculpt the perfect society like clay. Like clay, I tell you.

The economic stimulus for undertakers alone will appease even the Chinese. Mwahahahaha.


  1. At the same time, we can treat criminality as nothing more than an illness. (c.f. Samuel Butler's Erewhon).

    “ that country if a man falls into ill health, or catches any disorder, or fails bodily in any way before he is seventy years old, he is tried before a jury of his countrymen, and if convicted is held up to public scorn and sentenced more or less severely as the case may be. There are subdivisions of illness into crimes and misdemeanours as with offences amongst ourselves—a man being punished very heavily for serious illness, while failure of eyes or hearing in one over sixty-five, who has had good health hitherto, is dealt with by fine only, or imprisonment in default of payment.

    ‘But if a man forges a cheque, or sets his house on fire, or robs with violence from the person, or does any other such things as are criminal in our own country, he is either taken to a hospital and most carefully tended at the public expense, or if he is in good circumstances, he lets it be known to all his friends that he is suffering from a severe fit of immorality, just as we do when we are ill, and they come and visit him with great solicitude, and inquire with interest how it all came about, what symptoms first showed themselves, and so forth—questions which he will answer with perfect unreserve; for bad conduct, though considered no less deplorable than illness with ourselves, and as unquestionably indicating something seriously wrong with the individual who misbehaves, is nevertheless held to be the result of either pre-natal or post-natal misfortune.”

  2. Yeah, that's why they say the best health care plan is, "Hurry up and die." -- not Leah

  3. Andrew Sullivan is already supporting making Alaskan Christainist and Christainist uteruses outlaw!

    The Madness of King Andrew! Andrew wants the truth, because he knows the truth, with geometric logic. Sullivan will pursue Trig Palin forever for stealing that loaf of bread!

    Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson are acting like the tigers in Little Black Sambo, they end up spinning themselves into butter.

  4. A funny Althouse site comment:

    Palladian said...
    What do you want to bet that when Sullivan returns home at night and puts the beagles to bed, he slips on his CPAP mask and connects the hose to a tank of nitrous oxide, inhales deeply and shrieks "Mommy! Mommy! Baby wants to ****!" before stuffing a piece of fabric clandestinely cut by a Sullivan operative from one of Palin's returned RNC-funded skirts into his mouth and smacking the shit out of his trembling boyfriend who's unwillingly donning the "costume".

    11/23/09 3:36 PM